Toronto Sports Radio Ratings

So it’s radio ratings time again. Sportsnet the Fan 590 is holding firm, it’s doing well and keeps on keeping on, some #’s are down a little, but overall things look very strong.

Having talked to a couple of people over at TSN Radio, they are quite pleased given the start, keeping the eye on the marathon and not so much the sprint.

The folks at 590 are elated as well. The numbers are strong and that’s what advertisers hold on to.

Couple of things to keep in mind when looking at the numbers. There are roughly 1.3 million men in the 25-54 demographic in the Toronto radio listening area. Roughly 284 meters are given to men that fit that bill. When one considers the size of the metered men who actually listen to sports radio you are talking about ratings being based upon literally 24-26 meters.

In other words this isn’t an exact science. Having said that, it’s the only system that we have and for a moment everyone is stuck with it. I will say this once again, in my opinion the biggest winner is us the listeners. We know really have choice the entire sports day. That to me is fantastic.

Anyways, here is what I have heard through the grapevine:

In the male 25-54 demographic:

Brady & Lang 6.5 share from a 7.3

Head 2:head vs Richards 6.5 : 1.0

Jeff Blair 5.6 from a 6.6

Vs. Bryan Hayes 5.6 : Hayes 0.5

Hockey Central5.5 from a 6.4

Vs. That’s Hockey 6.4 : that’s hockey 0.6

Andrew Kryatal 3.4 from a 5.5

Vs. Dan Patrick 3.4 : DP 2.5

PTS 10.2 from a 9.8

Vs. Cybuslki & Co. 10.2: Cybulski 1.2

7pm -10pm 6.4 months up from a 4.8

Vs. Tatti 6.4: Tatti 0.8

10pm-1a 4.5 from 4.3

Vs TSN Radio 4.5 : TSN 0.9

Total audience share in that demo 590: 499k vs TSN :170k

Jays are a 7.8 share which is huge.

More later from Seattle.

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