Does A Sports Radio Voice Matter?

Been thinking about this quite a bit lately as I have been playing around with an awesome app on my ipad that lets me listen to radio stations around North America; do you care more about the voice or the substance when it comes to sports radio or play by play?

Since I’ve been writing this blog I’ve noticed a ton of the comments that you are making have something to do with a particular host or guests voice. I am curious whether the voice becomes less “annoying” when the content is actually good. Would you be willing to suffer through someone with a brutal radio voice if they were smart, intelligent and otherwise a great interview or host?

Personally, I found that there are certain folks in this market who have great voices but who are totally unlistenable. On the flip side there are guys who honestly, I can’t listen to simply because I find their voice so distracting I have to flip the minute I hear them.

If you had to chose, bad voice great content or great voice lousy content? How much does the voice effect your view of the content? To me, on radio it’s harder to disguise a brutal voice. Having said that there are a few people on the radio in Toronto who have fingernails on the blackboard annoying voices.

So, what say you?


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