Is Pierre McGuire Bolting Canada?

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A few days ago, frequent contributor, “Miracleviolence” posted what I had heard rumblings about as a comment to one of my posts:

“Time to go to work at the ol rumour mill

That is apparently the rumour at the Stanley Cup Final, as has been reported by Ken Campbell of The Hockey News.

Speculation at the Stanley Cup final is that hockey analyst Pierre McGuire could be leaving TSN to take a permanent position as an analyst with NBC and Versus.

McGuire already does work for both networks, but it’s believed NBC and Versus would prefer to have him on an exclusive basis. One scenario that has been floated is McGuire would leave TSN as a regular game analyst, but would do some special events, such as the World Junior Championship, for the Canadian network.

Talks are continuing and will likely be resolved soon. When asked about prospects for his future and his contract status with both TSN and NBC/Versus, McGuire declined comment”

Well, multiple sources are telling me that this indeed is the case. It sounds like McGuire has signed OR is about to sign an exclusive deal with NBC/versus with respect to actual NHL coverage. I am told to keep in mind that Pierre does a lot more than just stand in between benches and provide colour, or in studio during games. He has a presence on free agent day, trade deadline day, the World Juniors and more. I am told that his deal with NBC/Versus(who?) would simply mean the end of his ability to cover actual games for TSN up here. What does that mean for his radio presence on TSN radio? It’s not currently clear.

Here is another great example of voice vs. content. I am not sure there are too many better at what they do then McGuire. Having said that, if turned it down, just a touch, say to ELEVEN, he may be more tolerable and therefore more enjoyable. Everything with him is “amped” up. He should be doing Red Bull commercials.

If it’s true, or when it’s true, I have to believe it’s serious coin. In terms of audience there is no bigger deal in hockey then doing it in Canada, so the money must be huge. The alternative could be that someone has told him, or he believes himself that the odds of him getting a GM job is greater in the USA then it is in Canada and he needs more exposure in some of those non-traditional markets. Is that the reason? I have no idea, but for someone who appears to have struck out recently in GM jobs, it would make sense to me.

Rumors are swirling that the NFL is closing in on a new collective bargaining agreement. 2 points, keep in mind that the deal that is apparently being worked on has been negotiated “secretly” with a few owners. Unfortunately, it takes more than a few to ratify a deal. Me thinks that there are probably some hawk owners who aren’t going to like the terms of this secret deal. More importantly, when this deal gets done, and I am sure it will get it done sooner rather than later, it will be for one reason; the NFL is a money machine. Seriously, it is the envy of all other major sports leagues. When there are other legal battles in the other leagues, people say that it’s shocking given the amount of money involved. Well, in the NFL you are talking about BILLIONS. This isn’t a toy for someone to play with as it can be in other leagues. This is real money. This is serious money. Players can’t live without paychecks. Owners need the revenue. This will get done and sooner rather than later. I don’t have the same optimism with respect to the NBA.

I hope everyone has read the nice tribute to Toronto Sun scribe Bob Elliott by colleague Steve Simmons. There is no question who is the king of baseball journalism in Toronto. Growing up a Blue Jays fan I always wanted to know what Elliott had in terms of rumours or opinion. To be honest, I am saddened by the use of Elliott over the last couple of years. It appears that his focus is much more Canadian baseball then Blue Jays/ MLB. Personally I don’t really care what Canadian kids are being drafted etc. Elliott is the best, and when a story is developing I want his take. Having said that, I grew up on Elliott and can’t think of a more deserving candidate for the Jack Graney Award. Congrats Bob.

So, Joey Vendetta has been gracing us with his presence all week. What do you think? Personally, I think he is really good. They’ve given him good lineups too. If he would tone down the chick/boozing/partying bit a TON he would be great. He asks great questions, he listens and is funny too. I don’t really care what time he gets him, how often he drinks etc.

When the final buzzer went awarding the Boston Bruins the Stanley Cup, so began Toronto Maple Leaf playoff season. The NHL entry draft and free agency are around the corner. This is our time! Many an expert say that the NHL trade deadline day is the time for good teams to try to become great; the off-season is the time for mediocre teams to try to become good. All eyes are on Brian Burke. The pressure is indeed on. The playoffs have to be the goal with an eye to a long run in the playoffs. Can he do it? This is our time.

The Blue Jays seem to be puttering along, win one, lose 2. Win two lose 4. Will AA pull the trigger or will he stay the course? Once Burke is done the heavy lifting over the next couple of weeks, the Raptors have a coach and their draft/free agency, all attention focuses on the Blue Jays. I hope we have something to watch for this summer.

I am trying to respond to all your comments at least 1x a day. Keep the comments coming, I will do my best to respond.

Have a great Saturday.


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