Toronto Blue Jays Get It

So tonight in Boston I did something I’ve never done before; I waited in a hotel for a sports team to arrive. Before you poke all sorts of fun at me, know that I took my kids to the Blue Jays hotel in hopes of allowing them to meet or at least see of their baseball idols.

The Jays as you know lost a tough one at fenway park and showed up at their hotel about 90 minutes after their game against the Red Sox. They arrived in a sour mood, but I thought I should be fair and let you know that every player and coach we saw (read recognize) stopped for the kids and took photos.

The manager was the most gruff, however when I asked if he would take a quick photo with the kids, he immediately stepped back from the elevator bay, came back and took a photo. Every player we approached was more than happy to take a second with the kids. I wouldn’t let the kids ask for autographs, it was photos only and my kids are young, 7 and 9. When the players saw the kids they immediately stopped what they were doing and were happy to spend some time with them.

I have to admit that we were waiting a good 30 minutes in the hotel lobby for the team buses to arrive and half of the guys walked by without be recognizing them. I was shocked at how young and “unathletic” or small they looked. Not only that, I have only spent time with hockey players and they are all “dressed” before and after games; the Jays were all in jeans. Thankfully, another family from Toronto was there to alert us that these were the Jays and who was who. I recognized certain guys, the obvious ones, but I will be honest, the majority I had no clue who they were.

Tomorrow night we will be at the game.

More from Boston later.

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