The End Of The Bill Watters Show?

Greetings from Baltimore.

So, I’ve been telling you for some time that I can’t believe the Bill Watters show has much more life left. The show, as best as I can remember, has gone through, Merek, Brady, Hayes Sr., Hayes Jr. Raplh and countless other co-hosts over the years. With TSN radio on the scene the show has quickly become an after thought in the market place.

I have been told by reliable sources that the very end is near for the Watters show. In fact, multiple sources are telling me that Friday will be the last of the Bill Watters show with Arlene Bynon taking over on Monday, moving from her current mid-day slot.

Does this mean the end of Wilbur? No. Watters will be used as he should have been for, oh, I don’t know, the last couple of years anyways, as the Leafs voice on other shows across the Corus radio network. Look for him to appear on Oakley and other shows when there is Leafs news.

The problem I have had with Watters over the years is that they have over used him trying to pull every ounce out of the insanely high contract they gave him years ago. Instead of being opinionated and a guy you wanted to hear when news broke, he was completely over-used and over-exposed. He also became totally stale and predictable.

Let’s see what happens over the next couple of days. I’m headed to Washington DC for a few days before returning home.


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