Changes At Sportsnet?

Hello from Washington DC!

Quick hit on this hot and humid Wednesday night. I am told this evening that Peter Loubardias is longer with Sportnet,

If indeed this is true, well so much for no changes at Sportsnet eh? What does this mean? I think it is yet another sign of the musical chairs you are going to see over the next 6-8 weeks.

Suddenly an opening in the Calgary area in the hockey world…..

More later



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    I can finally enjoy watching the Memorial Cup again. He scuuuuuures

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    Raptors Devotee 7 years ago

    One of the most annoying voices you will ever hear, just grates on you. I can’t take him for more than a couple of seconds. I have no idea if he is competent, talented, whatever, as I can’t get past his nasal delivery. If ever someone was made for print.

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    Have to agree…that voice like finger nails on a chalk board…

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    […] Changes At Sportsnet? | Toronto Sports Media Blog. […]

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    I was hoping they’d keep him to Sochi 2014, then leave him in the middle of nowhere in Russia, so we’d never hear him again.

    I guess I can go for this too, as long as CBC doesn’t hire him to do their 10pm ET games.

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    Mitchell 7 years ago

    A big time screw-up by Sportsnet. The guy is ten times the p x p man Kevin Quinn is and despite what some of you say, he is highly adequate and knowledgeable when it comes to the game. No one brings the passion to the game the way Peter does. He will find work very soon.

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    Don Mandrie 7 years ago

    How in the world did he get as far as he did on a supposed National Network? Good move. Next! –

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    darrell 7 years ago

    He seemed like a nice enough guy but was just a little too goofy for my liking. Was he not one of the original ctv sportsnet anchors?

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    As i posted yesterday moves had to be made at sportsnet.He is typical short on talent severely over the top delivery Dan Shulman is the gold standard in sports broadcasting here and in the states.great voice opinions very well thought out i could go on and on.Add a few more people with his skill set and you become credible.I do not know if SN had ashot at him but they should have unlocked the vault to land him.Bruce Arthur is another jem.Rod Smith Corey Worren ,J Duthie and alot more,TSN has done afar better job of finding talent real good broadcasters.Just my opinion.Even the sets are of better design.The new 590 set is odd to watch on tv,how does that happen.I do not work in that business at all observing what they are throwing my way…

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    Gerry (Burlington) 7 years ago

    Like many who have posted earlier, i have not been a fan of the Sportsnet presentation. I tune it Sportsnet when Jays games are on almost nothing else. Having said that, Keith Pelley has a very good track record on turning things around. I would expect that as he continues to remake the face of Sportsnet TV and Radio at the end the product will be far superior to the current product. Whether or not they can ever usurp TSN as the primary Cdn. Cable sports channel is another question.

    The ownership of MLSE by Rogers could be a huge turning point. The ability for Rogers to essentially control the sports content for the entire GTA pro sports (sorry Argos) franchise base would be huge. I have to believe Bell will really go whole hog to get this. However, the bidding war could be alot like the NHL GM’s on Free agent day and the price tag could cripple the organization. Interesting to watch. End of day either Rogers or Bell TV won’t be getting any cheaper for us.

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    Martin 7 years ago

    I hope Loubardias does not end up doing pbp for The Montreal Canadiens English Broadcasts on Team 990 Radio

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    Bryan 7 years ago

    It was bad enough he did junior games. To have him as a professional PBP guy is an embarrassment to his peers.

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    Spence 7 years ago

    Say what you want. Loubardias is a passionate guy who has a style that is unique. What’s wrong with that? I am tired of people making personal jabs at a man who works as hard as Lou, and knows his stuff. Yes, I like his work, others don”t, fine. But don’t gimme this “no talent” nonsense. You idiots could hold his mic for an hour!

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    This SUCKS! I loved his call

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    FlamesGuy 7 years ago

    Bad move. Many people who hated him at first are REALLY pissed now. He’s a guy who grows on you.

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    Shawn 7 years ago

    Yeah, ok there Bryan. I guess you could do a better job??? You guys make me sick, sitting there making personal shots at a pro like Loubardias. You probably suck at your job, so you hate anyone who is a pro at theirs.

    What a Donkey!

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    Come on 7 years ago

    Come on people! The world is not full of incredible play by play commentators who are incredibly amazing. In fact if you knew any better the world of tv is full of people grinding their way to the top. Too bad for Peter. He’s a great guy and I wish him all the luck. Very passionate and knowledgable

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    sheila williams 6 years ago

    bad news i liked him