Toronto Sports Media Sports Radio Lineups

Here’s are your drive home lineups

On Fan 590 Tonight

McCown & Cox

4:00 Stephen Brunt, Globe & Mail
4:20 Buck Martinez, Voice of the Jays
5:00 Scott Moore, The President of Rogers Broadcasting
5:20 Paul Beeston, Blue Jays President & CEO
6:00 Pat Gillick, Hall Of Famer
6:20 Mark Chipman, Winnipeg Jets Chairman
6:40 Probably Buddy Nix, Bill GM… Awaiting confirmation

On TSN Radio 1050

James Cybuski’s co-host is  Bruce Arthur

Rob Murphy – Toronto Argonauts

Adam Hadwin – Canadian Golfer

Michael Rapaport – Actor/Director

Herm Edwards – TSN 1050 NFL Analyst

Tim and Sid Uncut:

Tim Micallef’s Take on NFL Free Agency

The Best of Tim and Sid: Uncut featuring interviews with Bob Cole and Raptors head coach Dwane Casey


  • comment-avatar

    Ugh. The first two hours are all Rogers employees.

  • comment-avatar
    Sam In Scarb 10 years ago

    Again,fan590 are pushing the line on how what listeners they have left how stupid they are….
    Last 2 weeks PTS CRAPP
    and now 2 hours of infomercials……………
    HOW stupid do they think the 5th largest radio market in NORTH AMERICA are???????????????
    THEY THINK WE ARE ALL SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh and hey bob

  • comment-avatar

    I bailed as soon as Scott Moore came on. Huge infomercial about the Olympics in 2012…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • comment-avatar
    Chris F. 10 years ago

    Some of the guests had logical reasons for being on so i’m not going to complain too bitterly but I always start tuning out when Scott Moore shows up.

    Oh and BOO on Damien for cutting Bob off when he was trying to dig deeper on the new Jays unis for next year. I did enjoy the story (that I never heard) about Gillick being wooed by Ted Turner in the early ’80s though.

  • comment-avatar

    I wa off building a deck so I missed bobs return, but I’m sure he didn’t ask the big thinkers why jays fans should continue to go to games when they are 10 back at the all star break and already planning for 2012??

  • comment-avatar
    Mike S 10 years ago

    If people want to complain about another appearance by Scott Moore on PTS they won’t get an argument from me……………but if you are complaining about having Beeston on the day after Alomar & Gillick are inducted in the Hall of Fame I have a hard time agreeing with you

    In past years during the summer on PTS we have been subjected to guys like Toth, Millard, Faulds, and Shannon……………this year we are getting a heavy dose of Blair, Stellick, Cox, and Grange…………………it’s not perfect but I will take this year over previous years any day

  • comment-avatar
    Chris F. 10 years ago

    Mike S. true though if I have to hear Cox, guest host and Grange going on about Twitter again I swear i’ll throw my radio against the wall.

    Otherwise this is miles beyond what we had last summer.

  • comment-avatar
    The Fonz 10 years ago

    I just wanted it in the record that I tuned out also when Moore came on PTS.

  • comment-avatar
    Rob in Aurora 10 years ago

    I promise I am not shilling and it’s by no means a perfect show, but I have switched to Cybulski on TSN full time now. I found him annoying when he went from reporting to a Sports Centre fill in co-host, but I gained respect during the NCAA tournament. I think he does a great job on radio, he brings the best out in guests and co-hosts.

    I much prefer that show to McCown and his sour and “I’m such as dialed-in big shot” attitude. (I don’t miss the talk about vegas and gambling and his personal life) I can’t stand Cox any more. I could handle him with Stellick in small doses, I just can’t listen when he’s on PTS. So it’s too bad Brunt can’t come back to 1050 again, I miss his perspective and he is being pulled down by the others on PTS. Listening to PTS makes me feel either angry or old or both – I am 50, I don’t need either. Listening to those guys make me feel old. They remind me of my dad listening to Jim hunt whine in the early 1970’s and how annoying and negative he was. Cybulski and Co at least have a younger perspective and no sour old man attitude. (He knows far more about sports than McCown – I wish they would ban discussion about MMA though…)

  • comment-avatar
    Rob in Aurora 10 years ago

    Mike S – Great points – The fact the FAN found Millard and Toth to be suitable fill-in’s for Mccown said all I needed to know and chased me away a long time ago. Now when listen I am very unimpressed (see my earlier post)

  • comment-avatar
    dennes7 10 years ago

    @Chris F

    “I did enjoy the story (that I never heard) about Gillick being wooed by Ted Turner in the early ’80s though.”

    It’s the third time I’ve heard McCowan tell that story, and everytime he tell’s it he says “I don’t think I’ve ever shared this story about what a consensus builder Pat Gillick, but one time he pulled me into an office…..yadda yadda yadda..”

    And every time he tells it, i’m like man you’ve already told this story about how you stopped Pat Gillick from going to Atlanta, and he always tells it when there is a different host, and they are always amazed by it.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like he’s starting to repeat the story’s, before you know it, he will be the Jim “Shakey” Hunt of the show, but more crotchety!

  • comment-avatar
    Steve from Waterloo 10 years ago

    I was listening to TSN Radio last night, and made the same observation that I have since they came on the air; they sound like they are in a tunnel.

    I’m not sure what the technical terms is, but to the Steve from Waterloo, is sounds amateur. Not sure if it is the engineering, the studio, or if it is done on purpose.

    I just wanted to tell someone, hopefully someone from TSN lurks here, that the station, at least in Waterloo, sounds like the boys are hamming it up in someone’s basement.

    Plus, could you boost the signal a little bit please!