Great Baseball Hall Of Fame Coverage

The Toronto dailies should all take a minute and pat themselves on the back for the coverage of Sunday’s baseball hall of fame inductions.

The Globe and Mail’s coverage leading up to Sunday was superb, seriously, Blair and Brunt on Gillick and Alomar was a reminder of just how good the Globe Sports section can be when their top writers bring their A game.

The Toronto Sun’s coverage of the actual ceremony was first rate. It was Bob Elliot at his best.

Inbetween, the National Post and the Toronto Star had nice coverage as well.

The Post:

John Lott’s story on Gillick was really good, the Alomar story was okay too.

Globe and Mail:

Jeff Blair on Gillick was very good.

Brunt on Alomar was superb.

Toronto Sun:

Bob Elliot was the man on the scene with multiple stories today, the first an overall summary. The second, a tribute to Gillick. The third was all about Alomar.

Richard Griffin had a nice piece on the day too.

I don’t say all the time, but it has to be said when the coverage deserves it. The papers all did well this weekend.


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