Yahoo! Sports Radio?

Oddly enough, the day after I told you that the Score radio was going to be shut down, I heard in New York that Sporting News Radio was being re-branded Yahoo! Sports Radio.

It sounds like they will have roughly 180 affiliates, i assume all if not mostly all in the USA. I read however that Sirius will be picking up the network and I wonder if they will be carrying it here in Canada. I also wonder if they will offer some Canadian content if they do.

Here is the lineup for the network:

2A-6A John Harris
6A-10A Steve Czaban
10A-1P Tim Brando
1P-4P Sean Pendergast
4P-7P Travis Rodgers
7P-10P Gamecast
10P-2A Todd Wright
6A-9A Best of Czaban
9A-1P Terry Ford
1P-7P Sports Saturday With Bob Berger & Craig Shemon
7P-11P YSR Postgame With Peter Brown
11P-4A Last Call with Scott Jackson
4A-8A Best of John Harris
8A-1p Terry Ford
1P-7P Sports Sunday With Bob Berger & Craig Shemon
7P-11P YSR Postgame With Peter Brown
11p-2A Last Call with Scott Jackson

I will let you know if I hear more on that.

Also, I am told that the NHL Network is moving out of Toronto. I don’t know what it means in terms of job losses etc. but apparently but for what could be a small presence here in Toronto they are moving to Whaler nation, Connecticut.

Thanks to all those who contacted me about becoming a TSM contributor.


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