Gare Joyce Bolts ESPN For Rogers

Still on that new Rogers Sportsnet Magazine thing….

Remember Gare Joyce? At one point he covered the NHL for the Globe and Mail and he has written many a book too, including the Ovechkin book along with Damien Cox.

Well, Joyce has quit ESPN and is headed over to chateuax Rogers to write for that new sports mag that you all are going to be telling me how awesome it is:

“All through the business honest writers are seeing their jobs shrink or disappear and established publications fold with alarming frequency. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to move on to a company, Rogers up in Toronto, that’s a multi-platform sports outfit and I’ll have a chance to work with younger writers.

I used to really like Joyce’s work. To be honest, I haven’t read him in years (the Ovechkin book isn’t available on Kindle, or wasn’t the last time I looked).

Anyways, Joyce has written his own goodbye from ESPN here.

Here’s a question for you:

Besides Stephen Brunt, Damien Cox and Jeff Blair, which, if any Toronto based sports writer do you think could co-host or host a sports radio program?


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