TSN Shuffles The Deck

Thanks to Mike S for pointing this out, proving yet again that I have awesome contributors! TSN has finally made the switch in their day time lineup that everyone thought they should.

Mike Richards loses an hour ending at 9am. This to me is a negative sign of things to come. I’ve made the point a million times that there are tons of people still driving to work after 9am and keeping your morning show on should be a priority. The fact they yanked him isn’t good for the struggling host.

Putting Dan Patrick on live at 9-12 though is awesome. NFL fans will be in heaven. No one gets guests like Patrick. When Blair is talking cfl, MLB or hockey on a Monday morning and people want their football fix, TSN will now have it.

Moving Hayes to pre-drive home is a huge win. The fan has a hole there right now and Hayes is a solid young host.

Yes, you can bet a hockey will show will be added but let’s hope it isn’t the former host.

This is a much better lineup heading into Cybulski and Co.

More tomorrow

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