Are Tim & Sid Headed To Sportsnet Fan 590?

So what’s new with Sportsnet’s Fan 590 search for talent from 1-4?

I have heard that Gord Stellick isn’t in the running for the slot. I am not sure how strong the interest is, but the names Tim and Sid have been mentioned to me by a couple of folks. That would be a hefty bag of coin for Rogers to swallow in a non drive show slot.

It would be a very strong duo to add to the mid day lineup. Does Kollins have the clink to sign the duo? If not, who does that leave?

For several months now, the word on the street has been that Hayes has been entertaining thoughts of bolting TSN only a few months after signing on to join the proverbial dark side and take over that very same 1-4 slot on Sportsnet’s Fan 590.

I’m told that what ever discussion occurred, either on or off the record are now officially over and Hayes has fully committed himself to TSN (for now) given the time shift, the extra hour of work and yes of course, more money.

Here’s the questions of the day for you to ponder (aloud please):

1. In your opinion would Hayes reputation suffer if he were to have bolted TSN for 590 after only a few months?

2. If you were Hayes would you have jumped ship?

3. Would you listen to Tim and Sid if they were on the Fan from 1-4?

4. If not Tim and Sid and if not Gord Stellick, who do you want to host from 1-4?


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