Dennis Beyak Bolts For Winnipeg? Ralph Gone Too?

Dennis Bayak is said to be bolting Toronto where he did some 50+ radio games on 640 Toronto for greener, okay maybe not greener pastures but for Winnipeg.

I’m told this will be both radio and tv for Beyak who probably saw the writing on the wall with 640’s contract for Leafs games coming up after this season. If 640 were going to be in bidding for leafs radio I can’t imagine Beyak bolts.

So, the Marlies and the Maple Leafs are in the market for radio voices.

I am also told this could be the end of Jim Ralph on Leafs games too. After losing his gig as the co-host for the now extinct Bill Watters Show, it seems like Ralphs days are also numbered.

So, who’s in the running for the leafs gig? I’ll throw Dan Dunleavy’s name in the hat. It would require him leaving Rogers, but that could a short 1 year think if the Leafs radio rights end up on the fan next season.

Who else?????

Stellick could fill in, though I wish hed get the hosting gig for hockey central at noon.

Any other names out there?

Would Burke try to grab John Ahlers from the ducks? Would 50+ games be enough? Anyone but Jiggs Mcdonald please.

Who’s on your list?

More later


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