Dan Dunleavy New Maple Leafs Radio Voice?

Happy Sunday. Enjoy these last few of summer.

Quick hit this afternoon, I am told that a deal is done between MLSE and Dan Dunleavy to be the new voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs on radio for some 52 games when Joe Bowen is handling tv duties.

This deal, for those who will ask is with MLSE and not 640 directly and will not be affected by any potential sale of Teachers shares of MLSE.

Word on this Sunday, and we’ve heard this before that the sale of those shares could be down to dotting i’s and crossing t’s. To whom? Rogers is the name I keep hearing BUT it’s always most interesting when it’s the quietest.

Lastly, keep your eyes and ears around hockey central at noon. Several reliable sources tell me that one member of the show could be on the outs. Details later in the week.


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