Dan Dunleavy New Maple Leafs Radio Voice?

Happy Sunday. Enjoy these last few of summer.

Quick hit this afternoon, I am told that a deal is done between MLSE and Dan Dunleavy to be the new voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs on radio for some 52 games when Joe Bowen is handling tv duties.

This deal, for those who will ask is with MLSE and not 640 directly and will not be affected by any potential sale of Teachers shares of MLSE.

Word on this Sunday, and we’ve heard this before that the sale of those shares could be down to dotting i’s and crossing t’s. To whom? Rogers is the name I keep hearing BUT it’s always most interesting when it’s the quietest.

Lastly, keep your eyes and ears around hockey central at noon. Several reliable sources tell me that one member of the show could be on the outs. Details later in the week.



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    Gerry (burlington) 6 years

    If this is true, I don’t think this should come as any surprise. Was probably the most well known hockey play by play guy in the local market.

    Does this mean he still works at Fan590 and for MLSE while being heard on 640?

    On a different note, I find it interesting that the Team 990 in Montreal owned by Bell, still carries Prime Time Sports in their 7pm hour daily.

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    Mike S 6 years

    In my opinion Beyak is better than Dunleavy so this is a bit of a step back for Leaf radio broadcasts.

    The question now is who will be the analyst?…………will it be Jim Ralph or someone else??

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    mike (in boston) 6 years

    Word on this Sunday, and we’ve heard this before that the sale of those shares could be down to dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

    this story has now been Brunted! Congrats TSM on breaking the story. Great work.

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    Marsh 6 years

    Is it telling that the deal is with MLSE rather than AM640? Perhaps the next step is the hockey rights to ???

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    I think now it is quite likely the radio rights will soon be the property of the Fan 590… as for who will be the analyst this opens the door for Gord Stellick also of the Fan… as for the shares of MLSE I always thought it would be Rogers.. should be interesting how Bell/ TSN will react…congrats TSM

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    Mike Cohen 6 years

    Not bad picking up Dan Dunleavy for a selection of Leaf radio broadcasts if indeed accurate. As for a member of the Hockeycentral At Noon member being on the outs im hoping its DOUG MACLEAN! MACLEAN is by far the worst announcer in Toronto hockey… his opinions are lame and his little tiff with his on again off again bff Bob McCown was to staged for my liking….. hope MacLean gets dumped for Gord Stellick or Denis Potvin

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    Chris F. 6 years

    It’s looking more and more like the radio rights are going to the Fan and Rogers will end up buying the MLSE shares. Is there a sports city in North America where one entity owns every relevant sports team? This seems pretty unprecedented IMO.

    As for HC @ Noon, if there’s a God in Heaven then Mac will be out looking for a job!

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    gerry 6 years

    1st the Leafs play by play. I for one was happy to return home and hear the news D Beyak has moved on. Seems like a gentleman and I wish him well, but his style and voice never won me over.
    As for HC @ noon. and speaking of winning me over, it was both Mac and Kyper. Boy, thinking back to how absolutely stiff Kyper was at the beginning. He has worked his way into one of, if not the best insider, and Mac and him are like abbot and costello. I love listening to the both of them. They kill me… I recall driving the 401 with a few buds listening to a podcast and they had us laughing out loud the entire show. To each their own of course, but I hope the 2 main dudes stay put. Here would be my hope…. kyper, maclean and marek at noon.

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    Marsh 6 years

    Why do you all assume the rights are going to The Fan? If Bell win it could be TSN; even if nothing happens in time it could still be TSN.

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    RJ 6 years

    Off topic, but just read the latest Dowbiggin column on the G and M website. I’ve already forgotten what the topics were, but Bruce used the expression, “as fun as having apposable thumbs”. I know what apposable thumbs are, but has anyone heard this phrase before??

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    Steve 6 years

    Good for Dan Dunleavy. If true, I’m sure it’s a job he’s his eye on his entire career. That said, I’ve never thought much of him as a play-by-play voice. Bit of a dud.

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    dsscpu 6 years

    For those who previously were of the opinion that 640 was going to choose their man, obviously you were mistaken as MLSE controls who is on the air for their radio and regional broadcasts…

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    Dan 6 years

    @Chris F I think Turner owned 3 out of 4 Atlanta teams at one time. I don’t know if there has been anyone own 4, but I think the NFL has pretty strict regulations on owning teams in other leagues.

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    Brad 6 years

    Congrats to Dan Dunleavy!!
    Dan is a great play-by-play man.
    To the poster who said he was a dud: are you sure you are listening to the right guy???
    Denis was good, Dan is going to be better!

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    While I have never been a great fan of Dunleavy as a play-by-play announcer (I find his voice to be too flat to project emotion into the play), I’m still happy that he got the Leafs’ job. A nice reward to the number of years he has spent honing his craft on the far reaches of The Fan’s bench.

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    EugenesAxe 6 years

    Thanks for the post Dan, er I mean Brad.
    I am surprised the guy survived as look as he has at the fan590, bubbling and stumbling through sports updates. His play by play work is weak (Rock games??) and voice not very authoritative.
    I am shocked the fine Dennis Bayek was not given the job after years of covering for Bowen. Good luck in Winnipeg Dennis. You will be missed

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    Chris F. 6 years

    About Dan Dunleavy’s PBP skills i’ve heard bits and pieces of his TFC and hockey work and he isn’t the best at projecting emotion which makes exciting moments in games come off flat however I think given time and with the right color guy he could get better. Personally, he should’ve been given the Marlies job first to hone those aspects of his PBP which are weak THEN get the Leafs gig.

    I wish him much luck tho!

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    […] Dan Dunleavy has been brought up as a possible replacement for Dennis Beyak in Toronto. Now, the Toronto Sports Media Blog is reporting that will indeed happen . There’s yet to be any confirmation on this or the prior rumors that Jim Ralph may also be on […]

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    John E 6 years

    I will miss Beyak, preferred him to Bowen.

    As for Hockey Central, having Marek take on the hosting duties seems like an obvious fit, we’ll see.

    It was shrewd of Sportsnet to pick Marek up, and a another big mistake for TSN radio to overlook him.

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    Dileno 6 years

    Dennis Beyak was an excellent announcer, that is a loss for Leafs broadcasts.

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    Drumanchor 6 years

    I thought Dennis Beyak was a class act, so I wish him well.

    As for ROGERS owning the Leafs, sigh.

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    Rob in Aurora 6 years

    If Dowbiggin wrote it, don’t be surprised if you can’t figure it out. It’s either not funny or too oblique (usually both)…Considering his personality, I think (without thinking this through, which he’s good at), he was referring to being able to make a fist with his opposable thumbs, grip something and then pull on it. (He is a master of putting his foot in his mouth).

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    Daniel 6 years

    I’m not as against Rogers owning the Leafs/Jays/Raptors/FC as most seem to be.

    Yeah Rogers is basically a heartless corporation as opposed to a Mark Cuban-like billionaire who really wants his team to win. Of course that would be preferable. But at least Rogers is in the sports content business, and it absolutely is better for them if their teams are playing better and more people are watching on Sportsnet and The Fan etc. So there is a major incentive to have teams perform well (yeah, maybe you wouldn’t know that by looking at the Jays, but they are in probably the most difficult position to make the playoffs of any team in North American sports – along with the O’s and Rays).

    Also – I thought Rogers did a TERRIBLE job with the Jays as a TV product for the first several years of their ownership. But since Pelley and Moore have come over, I actually think Jays TV (and radio) coverage has improved exponentially.

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    mpdman 6 years

    I am desperately hoping that Jim Ralph is no longer “referee analyst” for the games. He dined out for years just whining about EVERY damm call.

    When Stellick was analyst, everything was “brutal”. “Brutal hit”, “brutal goal”, “brutal call”. Hopefully he has come up with a new adjective.

    In the largest hockey city in the entire world, we should be able to come up with one excellent commentator.

    What’s Mike Gartner up to?!?!