What Are You Looking For In Toronto Sports Media?

So, the calendar has turned and we are moving from Summer to Fall. Like sands through the hourglass……so does the Toronto Sports Media world. The question is what do we watch for next?

You may have some ideas, but here are some things I think we should watch in the world of Toronto Sports Media radio:

Dan Patrick is doing fairly well on TSN radio. How will Patrick do when the Maple Leafs/NHL are in action? Is this the success a trend or rather just a sign that summers on radio really do suck in Toronto?

Cybulski and Company were having a tough time when there were 2 competitors with track records. The Bill Watters show is no more. How does that impact the TSN Radio drive home show? It’s always good to have a choice, will those that used to listen to Watters turn up the dial to 1050?

Bryan Hayes has the task of going head to head vs. Sid Sixeiro and then Hockey Central at noon. How will Hayes fair? He is able to talk about all the major sports but doesn’t have a long track record in any. I happen to like listening to him. Am I alone? Is TSN on to something by not doing a hockey show at noon or is it a HUGE mistake?

Richards, Richards, Richards. It’s put up time or shut up time. TSN can’t, and I say they won’t allow this train wreck to go on all that much longer if his show stays this weak and the numbers continue to reflect it. It may not be tomorrow but this show must improve. Right now it’s not listenable. When the NHL/Leafs kick off things must dramatically improve or the smiles on the faces over at Rogers will just become permanent.

Contracts- McCown’s deal is out there, I Brunted it was as good as done. I’m told that it remains as good as done, but it aint done yet. Is it just Bob making Rogers sweat it out or is there something more going on here? I hear things are nasty with one of the folks at hockey central. Could that open the door for the likeable (sans Stelicktricity) Gord Stellick to host the show?

1-4? Will it be Tim and Sid or Tim or Sid, or could an outsider be brought into the mix?

Congrats to Michael Grange who is a new permanent co-host on the Jeff Blair show. Also, in the where they belong file, Andrew Krystal is talking news over at CityTV (EVERYWHERE)! Good on Krystal who was dealt a lousy hand for landing a gig that will better suit him. Krystal doing news is something I will watch.

What’s ahead on tv and print?

I’ll tackle those later, what’s your thoughts, what did I miss?


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