Interpretation Is It Just Me?

So here I am reading the websites of our local paper and I read the same quote from Brian Burke two different times and think it could be interpreted two different ways. Is it me or????

Here is the first from the Globe and Mail:

““We think there’s a couple catchable teams,” Burke said, adding that he still has cap space (roughly $3-million U.S.) after signing Luke Schenn to add another body if need be. “I’m not going to name them. No reason to start with bulletin board material before the season begins.”

Now, when I read that bit, I think that Burke knows the names of players he would go after if he needed to. The not going to name them part being in reference to the line after his quote. I read it to mean Burke says there are catchable teams ahead of the leafs. Burke still has cap space, even if after he signs Luke Schenn to get another body if needed. Burke isn’t going to name those who he would go after, no reason to start with rumors or teams knowing what he is up to etc.

Here is the same quote from the National Post:

“But after finishing in 10th place in the East last season, he is optimistic that the team can make up eight points in the standings. “We think there’s a couple of catchable teams,” he said. “I’m not going to name them. No reason to start with bulletin board material before the season even begins, but we think there are catchable teams.”

Now, same quote, but the writer, in my opinion has created a totally different angle from the quote. Here I read Burke as saying he thinks there are teams ahead in the standings which the Leafs can catch, but he isn’t going to name them so teams can put his quotes up in their lockeroom before the season even starts.

I wasn’t there, so I can’t say one is right or one is wrong. I am not taking either writer to task, I just think it’s interesting is all. Hell, I may be the only person who read those two quotes differently. It seems to me that they are written differently, both infer different meetings.

Is it just me?

Meanwhile, back to the Belak incident and all the other deaths this past offseason. I am willing to say that depression is a major issue. The article in the Globe and Mail on pills in the NHL was phenomenal. Here’s my question for you. If pills are the problem, why aren’t more lights being shined on the source of the pills, be it either team trainers or team doctors? Just asking….


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