Sid Seixeiro Joins Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590

As we’ve been telling you for awhile the Fan has been chasing Tim and Sid from the Score and well at least so far they’ve landed 1/2. Multiple sources have confirmed to me tonight that Sid Seixeiro will be the new host of the 1-4 slot on Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590.

Will he be solo? Will Tim join along? I have no clue. I am told that negotiations are ongoing with Tim and Sid and that Sid was comfortable and excited enough about the opportunity to get the deal done solo.

So sports fans, there you have it.

Meanwhile, I have to give an enthusiastic thumbs down to Barb DiGiulio of the same Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590. I’ve been listening to Barb for a long time and I am a fan of hers. Today wasn’t her brightest moment.

We have seen too many times in the last year media types jump the gun on news. It’s worse when deaths are reported incorrectly and it just happens too often in this social media twitter world.

So today as the horrors of the air plane crash start to emerge I was thinking to myself please let the MSMers out there not speculate on who may have been on the plane. No sooner than that happened, CBC started speculating about Colby Armstrong’s brother perhaps being on the plane.

Barb DiGiulio didn’t retweet that, but rather reported it (not that in fact he was on the plane, but rather that he may have been):

“We are now hearing that Riley Armstrong, brother of Maple Leaf Colby Armstrong was on the plane”

Thankfully, whomever was telling Barb that was wrong and Riley wasn’t on the plane.

DiGiulio has since deleted the tweet.

Now, I am not perfect. I make mistakes all the time and I can only imagine how badly DiGulio feels. Hell I posted jokes about the crash in attempt of levity when I heard it. So I am not above reproach by any stretch.

Having said that, Barb delivers the news. She is seen as reliable news source. Same with the CBC for that matter. Can we have a new rule? When it comes to matters of death, before we report someone may be dead, can we all wait a few minutes to get it right before we announce it. There are no awards given for breaking the news of someones untimely demise. I give more brownie points to accuracy as opposed to speed when it comes to stories of death.

On a lighter note, what do you think of Sid on the Fan?


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