Toronto Sports Media Radio Ratings

So here are the end of summer numbers:

Males 25-54

Brady & Lang 6.8 share from a 6.5
Head 2:head vs Richards ——–6.8:1.3 from 6.5 : 1.0
Jeff Blair 5.1 share from a 5.6
Vs. Bryan Hayes 5.6 : .9
Noon on the fan ——- 4.5
Vs. TSN at noon .8
Fan 1-4 3.3 from 3.4
Vs. Dan Patrick 3.4 : 2.1
PTS 8.9 from 10.2
Vs. Cybuslki & Co. 8.9: 2.7
7pm -10pm 8.16 from 6.4
Vs. TSN @ night 8.16: .7
10pm-1a 5.0 from 4.5
Vs TSN Radio 4.5 : 3


Fan morning show remains strong.
Richards on the morning is weak, up a little bit, but not enough.
Interested to see how Bryan Hayes does in his new slot.
Dan Patrick does well, will he do better in the mornings when he is live and during NFL season?
Cybulski’s numbers are up. Forget about the McCown comparisons it’s a better number in general.
Interesting that McCownless summer still produces strong numbers.

Fall book is on…This is big for all involved. Pressure is on.


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