MSM Twitter Fight?

Fascinating the things you miss on Twitter while sitting on an airplane. Yesterday, Damien Cox and former MSMer Sean McCormick went at it Twitter style.

A little background. Just after the Wade Belak death, PJ Stock went on the record as saying that there was much more to Belak’s death that would eventually come out. Damien has called Stock out for not saying anything more about it. Yesterday, Sean McCormick took to twitter to call Damien out on it. Damien responded. Here is the back and forth:

McCormick : @damospin owes PJ Stock a public apology for calling PJ out in his column 2 wks ago. Is this enough for you now cox?

Cox: @Sean_McCormick Apology for still not xplaining himself? Best for u to stay away from public arguments, pal. Requires 2 much brainpower.

McCormick: @DamoSpin ya, failed like you did at growing hair. Do the right thing and apologize to stock. U knew the facts and ripped him anyway

Cox: @Sean_McCormick Seriously? Bald jokes? Son, you’re embarrassing yourself more than usual. If PJ has a problem, he can speak to me himself.

McCormick: @DamoSpin Hope the cameras are rolling when he does

Here’s my 2 cents. When Stock went public with his comment, given the subject matter, I think he has an obligation to explain. When I heard the comments I wondered what the hell he meant. If you read Dave Feschuk’s column on Belak that McCormick listed in his tweet, it says the family considers the death an accident.

“For all intents and purposes, he did not do it on purpose. It was accidental,” said Lorraine. “That’s a good way of putting it: Accidental. Because I know he wouldn’t have done that on purpose. Nothing makes any sense.”

Said Barry: “Lorraine and I and the family are treating it as an accident. So be it. We knew him best . . . He had too much to live for.””

So I am not a dr. and well, I never really did all that well in school, but, and I am trying not to be insensitive here, but I don’t know what one expects when one places a rope or some other type of device around their neck. So if Stock or anyone else can explain how his death is accidental then wouldn’t you want to know?

I know, it’s a personal matter. When Stock went public, when the family says what they say above, doesn’t that change things?

I don’t know what set McCormick off, but it certainly makes for interesting fodder doesn’t it.

Although I can’t confirm what exactly she’ll be doing I can tell you that both SI and others are saying that Hazel Mae will be back on Sportsnet. More details when they become available.

I get that the audience for LeafsTv is marginal. However, perhaps it’s so because the talent on the network is equal to that which you would expect to find on SCTV, minus the comedy factor. How can someone be expected to watch when Bob McGill is doing color? Seriously, he is BRUTAL. He may be a nice guy but come on this is Toronto and this is hockey. We deserve better than this. Non traditional hockey markets do better than this.

Thanks to reader Rob for pointing out the twitter fight


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