Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups

Here’s your drive lineup for your listening enjoyment this am:

On 590 with Greg Brady and Jim Lang:
Pete Sampras, Tennis Legend
Stephen Bishop, Actor “Moneyball”
Nick Kypreos
Bruce McNall, former Owner of the Toronto Argos and LA Kings
David Nelson, Wide Receiver for the Buffalo Bills

On TSN radio with Mike Richards



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    Did anyone catch the shameless shill job on TSN this morning, when they cut into the Patrick show to give PC leader Hudak a bunch of softball air time?

    I don’t see them doing this fir the leaders of other parties…

    Odd… Inappropriate … Lame

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    I tuned in to 1050 just after 9:00 this morning and I couldn’t understand why I was hearing Richards instead of Dan Patrick…………now I know why…………thanks very much KBM

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    Another Steve10 years ago

    A small question on radio-journalism ethics for y’all. On my way to work this morning I heard Brady and Lang interview Sampras. I am a huge tennis fan, so this was a good listen for me, but at the end of the call, which was at about 6:30am, I realized that the interview might have been taped. I somehow think that there’s no way Sampras would get up so early to do such a call – they would normally schedule a call like this for after 8am, I would think.

    So the question is this: is it really wrong to pass off a taped interview as if it were live? Personally I don’t care if it were taped the day before, but I just don’t like it the deceptive nature of the whole thing.

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    Taped interview are very common, especially when you have shows that are on either very early or air very late. There are exceptions, but when you are dealing with stars in their sector, you move to their schedule.

    Case in point, I loved ALLNight with Jason Smith, but there was no way he was talking live to Mel Kyper at 2am. Usually he prefaced a few minutes before with a line like “I chatted earlier to day with…” far enough away to be real but still honest about it.

    For a retired millionaire tennis player married to a super model, who lives in L.A., I ‘m betting taped…

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    Chris F.10 years ago

    Regarding All Night with Jason Smith, I listened to that show a lot (sometimes against my will) and there was no way he prefaced it by saying “I spoke earlier” unless it was the 2nd time Kiper came on. It was VERY annoying to me how they tried to pass it off as if it were live.

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    The Sampras interview was 8:20 and they “sold” it as a live interview and I bought it as such. I will tweet Brady and ask him.

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    Another Steve10 years ago

    Thanks Dsj – it must have been replayed at 8:20, since I caught I did catch on my way to work at 6:20. By 8:20 I was already boring my students in Buffalo with talk about Greek history.

    I was actually surprised to hear it. I had heard a few days previously that the interview was coming up on Thursday, and that it would be around 8:20am, so I wasn’t sure what to think when I heard the thing at 6:20. I was happy to hear it, mind you, but I kept listening for some clue in which they said it was taped – to no avail. (As Chef Mike said, there’s no way that he was up at 6:20am for this, even if he is on the east coast for some reason).

    I certainly don’t want to make a big issue of this – I was merely curious about the ethics of the matter.