Sorry P.J. I’m Not Buying It

““I feel terrible talking about it,” Stock said this week. “The situation won’t go away. I feel bad for making those comments that maybe [are] leading anyone to any type of thoughts.””

That’s what PJ Stock told the Globe and Mail upon reflection after voicing his opinion on the death of Wade Belak.

Now, I know what one person will say to this, as you always do whenever voices an opinion, “dont you ever make a mistake?” So, I’ll say it again, I’m not perfect, this is my site, I will voice my opinion here, sorry.

So, here goes. PJ doesn’t get to say sorry here. PJ is, a member of the media. When you make a statement like the truth will come out, you can’t take that back. Your on the hook, you’ve gone on the record, you can’t be half pregnant. Almost every media outlet called Belak’s death a suicide, right or wrong and you called them on it. Not only do I think you can’t take it back, you are obligated to explain yourself. You’ve directly lead to speculation. This is on you.

Your no longer an athlete. Your a member of the media, on the National broadcaster. Your in another big league now. Own up to it.


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