Did Brendan Shanahan Sell Out The NHL Players?

Maple Leafs beat the Habs, the sens are next and life is good!

So, did anyone happen to catch the NHL preview on The Bufffalo Bills network Wednesday night, I mean Sportsnet? Enough people did who emailed and called me.

Marty McSorley, who, in mind is a good pickup for Bills TV got pretty opinionated when it came to the new NHL deputy of discipline Brendan Shanahan.

I don’t have direct quotes, but I am sure someone out there does, but basically what McSorley said was that Shanahan sold out the players in the last CBA, in hopes of earning himself a post playing career. McSorley went on to say that Shanahan shouldn’t be the one to decide suspensions because he is out of touch with players since he joined the management side. Furthermore, the allegation was that Shanahan is working to getting himself a GM role and will likely have one within 5 years


I don’t know about you but I would love to see Shanahan and McSorley meet face to face.

Hockey Central at noon had Gary Bettman on Wednesday. Honestly, when he is interviewed I want to pull my fingernails off one at a time. Is there a more condescending interview than Bettman. I mean, I hear him talk, I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth and the arrogance is just dripping with every word.

Those who write sports books (or any types of books for that matters), if I can’t download it, I am not buying it or reading it.

In case you weren’t sure before, Don Cherry proved again tonight just what a joke hockey night in Canada has become with him a part of it. His rant on Scott Stevens type hits was as lame as his suit. The sooner Don is gone, the better.

Love the Jeff Blair linetw on Cherry:

“Gold! Gold, I tell you! ”

Thanks for the tip on the McCown tweet about FOB. The funny thing about the whole issue is that it’s Bob’s show, he’s earned the ratings, he’s the best at what he does and well, he can have whomever the hell he wants on his show. Why not just admit it. Let’s put it this way, if they aren’t FOB, he certainly treats them that way and vise versa.

Ron Wilson won his first game of the season. Every outlet imaginable had a Wilson hot seat article this week. What record do the buds have to hit to quite the drums.

Speaking of Wilson, his mumbling to his assistant after he got jeered during the opening proceedings something to the effect of “I told ya” was classic tv. Personally, I have no clue what kind of job Wilson has done behind the bench especially given the talent he has been given while here. If he wonders why the jeers, I think it’s as much about his snarly attitude as it is wins/losses.

Yes, Yes, Yes, I am bringing back the pressbox. Stay tuned.
No, No, No I am not the guy you regularly hear on TSN radio covering the leafs. My name is Jonah, his name is Jonas.

Ok, as I write this there is only 1 question: who broke twitter.

For those who placed negative comments on the death of Steve Jobs………… never mind.


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