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A funny thing happened on the way to writing this website. Several people actually started turning out on a regular basis. Way back when this thing started, it was easy to nitpick on the MSM in Toronto. Not too hours (not days) went by without someone saying or writing something totally inane. Writing stories was easy. Then came all the changes at the multiple outlets. Stories were either handed to me on a silver platter OR there was actual news worth discussing.

So, what’s one to do when there’s neither a breaking story or a newsworthy media/sports business event?

There was a time when I wrote on a daily basis to simply write.

I stopped that due not to lack of time or interest, but rather a sense that you the audience didn’t want it.

Now, as I have been waiting for the right story to write about, I keep getting emails asking me why I am not writing as much, or asking if I have switched formats to to just writing radio lineups.

So clearly, I was wrong. Too many people have written, so I am here to say that I hear you loud and clear. I will go back to trying to write every day on something topical. Hopefully the MSM will start stepping offside again and I will have material. Otherwise, your going to get my rants, restaurant reviews, opinions or whatever. You asked for it, your going to get it.

Here’s a comment on Don, Abe Simpson, Cherry. The more we talk about him, the more he gets what he wants, attention. I’ll say if for the last time and won’t go there again. Don Cherry is yesterdays news. He’s a was be, a hasbeen. His fifteen minutes were up a long time a go. I find it tremendously sad that he represents Canadians on television on an international stage by holding the preeminent space on the governments television network. As some of you have pointed out, he’s charitable with his time and resources. That’s great. Unfortunately, we have to hear him open his mouth during hockey season on Saturday nights. He represents to me, anyways a time and an era we all left decades ago. Don Cherry isn’t good for the game, he’s an embarrassment for a country. The CBC should do the right thing and find a new face. Again, only my opinion.

Lastly, to those asking about my pooch, she appears to be doing a little better. Things were bad with a capital B. It seems that she is finally been medicated enough to actually sleep and maybe, just maybe she has turned the corner.

I didn’t get lineups for the morning drive shows. Instead you get this rant.


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