What Should TSN Radio Do?

So the numbers are inching up. Not great. Better. I know, more people listen to McCown on his roof to him on a megaphone. TSN, in this writer’s opinion have a very difficult decision to make. The Richards experiment can’t last much longer. The question is who or whom do you put in the morning slot?

Cybulski and co. is doing a nice job in the afternoon. Are they catching McCown? No. Are they slowly building a following? Yes I believe they are. No doubt it’s the local star of the station right now. So, here’s the question:

Let’s assume Richards is put out of his misery (or ours). Do you go external for a replacement or do you pull Cybulski and put that show in the morning?

I don’t think it’s an easy decision. Do you allow Cybulski to build on what he has started at 4pm, or do you take that strength to the disaster that is the morning show.

The easy answer is it depends on who the alternative is.

The challenge for TSN is that for some strange reason Bryan Hayes is struggling to gain traction, irrespective of the time slot he is in. I think they would love to put Cybulski in the morning and have Hayes do drive home. The numbers, although not the only factor have to carry some weight.

Landsberg could make life easier for them if he agreed to do a show. However I think OTR is doing really well and it’s hard to see him giving that up right now. Can he do both?

So, you want to play program director, what do you do and why?

BTW- 9 years ago the coolest young man in my life was born. The happiest of birthdays to little TSM


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