GTHL Should Worry About It’s Own House First

You all know little TSM plays hockey in the GTHL. So, while I am fortunate enough to have a kid in the system, I’m also unfortunately a party to many and I mean many of the short comings and areas of improvement for the GTHL. So, I will tell you that I nearly chocked as I read the leagues’ head hauncho moaning about the Toronto Maple Leafs not having any GTHL alum on the team. What a total joke!

The youth hockey program that these guys is one that someone with a much more powerful voice than I needs to shine a light on.

This is not a program for the kids in any way shape or form.

Kids are restricted where thy can play, they pretty much aren’t allowed an attempt to better themselves if a move to a team where they could play has an opening as opposed to not playing at all on a team in their league.

Teams are paying coaches big bucks. Parents buy their way on to teams where they have no business playing but hey their money is good.

Do I dare start talking about the officiating?

““We suffer through it,” said Gardner. “The team’s half American now, not that I’m trying to distinguish between the Canadian hockey player and American. But is there something wrong with our system?”

Are you kidding me?

Not that one thing has anything to do with another but good god, look in the mirror before you make that point. There’s a ton wrong with the system. Try making it about the kids and not the administrators. Try fixing that. Try allowing kids to play where they want, instead of having to buy their releases.

Personally, I don’t care where the hell the leafs players played their youth hockey. When, and I mean when, not if, when they finally win a cup I don’t think anyone will give a flying you know what where any of the players are from.

No toronto based players on the Leafs is as much about the spread of hockey globally than anything else. For the GTHL to be whining about it and asking if there’s anything wrong with the league is a total joke. Don’t believe me? Go to a GTHL game, and talk to a few of the normal parents. They are likely the ones in the rink, not outside it chain-smoking until the second before the puck drops. Take a look around. You’ll get it in about 5 minutes.


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