Farrell, Farrell On The Wall

UPDATE from the Toronto Star:

“Due to the distraction caused by media speculation regarding our employee permission policy, the Toronto Blue Jays have amended their policy and will not grant permission for lateral moves.”

To quote Forest Gump, “and that’s all I have to say about that”

Greetings from Seattle.

Been a while since I’ve done one of these so, buckle up, it’s the Boston Red Sox taking John Farrell to Inspiration Point. Potsy and Malph are going to be pissed:

Richard Griffin:

“But even the mere rumour of the Red Sox interest in Farrell is a slap in the face for Jays fans. And why does Anthopoulos not already have his back up and squash the rumours early, denying the Sox permission before they even ask? It’s not an upward baseball move, manager to manager, which Anthopoulos encourages for any of his employees pursuing the chance of bettering themselves. This is a parallel move, unless you believe the Sox and Yankees operate in a higher league. They believe.

The Jays talk boldly about competing for the playoffs in the near-future, yet allow themselves to be treated as the farm team, the development centre of the AL East’s big boys. I thought they were serious in fighting that belief, but this Farrell loss would be a step backwards.”

Griffin at least lets us know how he feels, right? It’s funny how we in Toronto are made out to feel like second class citizens in one sport, baseball, but we are the elitists in hockey right? (why would JT want to stay in Long Island and not sign in Toronto?)

Jeff Blair:

““They (the Red Sox) haven’t approached us, so I don’t want to comment beyond that because it’s hypothetical.”

Or you could say, we are going to tell the Red Sox to go to hell right?

Michael Grange:

“If the Boston Red Sox are serious about making a run at John Farrell, the Blue Jays should tell them the bidding begins at a couple of buckets of KFC, a case of Rolling Rock and the latest version of Call of Duty. Then general manager Alex Anthopoulos should get all Clint Eastwood over the phone and tell the Red Sox: “You obnoxious, sun-shines-out-of-your-behinds New England clam chowders. Go stuff yourself.””

See, I wouldn’t go there, I do admit it’s funny, but I would say the price is HUGE, I mean something they wouldn’t dream of paying. I don’t know all the red sox players and prospects, but let’s just say I would ask for the cupboards to be emptied. Honestly, if the Jays could get all and I mean all the red sox top level, stud prospects it’s wouldn’t be worth it? Everyone has a price, Farrell is no exception. Am I alone in this?

Steve Simmons:

“What is best for the Blue Jays right now, for the team and for their fans, is for Farrell to come clean. For there to be complete clarity on his situation. Is he staying or is he going? Is he in or is he out? Did he drive or did he fly? And if he wants out, if he wants the Red Sox job, if he is even having second thoughts about the Jays job, if he doesn’t want to be with the young, eventually emerging Blue Jays, there’s the door.


Amen! I am so with that. It’s either your in or your out. If your out, get the kings ransom and move on.

I overheard this conversation the other day on the streets of Toronto:

person 1: I was listening to Mike Hogan and so and so talking Argo’s football the other day….
person 2: you were the one?

Happy Tuesday!


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