Another One Bites The Globe?


Hey is that you the last standing sports writer at the Globe and Mail?

The ever revolving door at the Globe continues as Matt Sekeres bolts for the radio waves of the team 1040. With all the talent they have lost over the months you could start a pretty damn good sports department. I like Sekeres the writer, and can’t claim to have any experience listening to him on the radio.

What was once a very impressive lineup of sports writers is dwindling and quickly. Who will be next to go????

Speaking of former Globe writers, the Michael Grange/Jeff Blair show is about to become just the Jeff Blair show again. No, this isn’t a reflection of anything performance based. I am told by several peeps that this was always the plan.

What, you all ask me of late, do I think of the change at late night on the fan. Rumack is now once again the sole late night guy while Sammut moves to early nights. Sounds good to me while there is no NBA. From the outside it looks like Sammut is going to have some free time on his hands should the NBA get a deal done in time to play any basketball.

Speaking of basketball, hope you all gave a nice welcome back to my man Dan who has returned to TSM after a stint writing elsewhere. He wrote the piece of NBA lockout coverage. He’s a great writer who’s going to be helping out keeping things moving here.

Also on basketball, wonder what happens at the fan to the basketball guys when Tim and Sid start (late November or early December) and there is no basketball. That’s an over crowded bench.

This isn’t sports media related, but for those who read the Toronto dailies it’s been quite funny to watch the Toronto war on the CBC. Personally, it’s a lot like the last Ontario premier election; no one cares.

Questions to ponder for the weekend:

If you were starting a Toronto based sports media outlet, an all sports radio station

On the talent side, you can hire any Toronto media personality, who would be your hires and why?


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