Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady To Talk Toronto Raptors On OTR Thursday

By Dan Levine

Michael Landsberg has scored a pretty interesting trio for tomorrow, as TSN’s Tim Chisolm blogs:

“On Thursday, former Raptors Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady will be joining TSN’s Michael Landsberg on Off The Record to discuss, amongst other things, the question that has plagued Raptors fans for over a decade: what could have been?

The Carter/McGrady era was very short in Toronto – only two seasons – but not only did it precede the most successful era in Raptors history but it also created the single greatest ‘what if?’ scenario the team has ever known. What if McGrady had re-upped with Toronto in 2000 instead of heading down to Orlando? What might have been if those two players spent their prime years together in Raptors purple? It’s a question that haunts Raptors fans to this day, eleven years after McGrady left, and one that has come to define the Raptors organization in more ways than one.”

Of course, you might need TiVo, or PVR, or whatever it is you use to record television, because this airs at 5 p.m, though some of you can also catch it at 6:30 on TSN2. Either way, I’m intrigued.

And Trio, you ask? TSN’s site also has badass and former Raptor Charles Oakley appearing on the program, which should make for some pretty good quotes and potentially awkward Vince moments. Remember, Oak was never shy about lighting a fire under Carter in any situation. Remember the 2001 playoffs, when he questioned Vince’s performance? From CBC Sports, back in the day:

“You can’t shy away from it now,” Oakley told reporters Tuesday following the Raptors’ practice.

“This is the time you have to step up and be a man about it. When they made the Dream Team, he went, all 12 of us didn’t go. When they do commercials, we don’t go, he goes.”

If you recall, that situation even involved some trash talk from Carter’s mom, while the Raptors eventually made it within a Vince-shot of the conference finals. All these years later, how will those two look back on their time together? The same can be said about Carter and McGrady, who had incredible on-court chemistry, yet never enjoyed equal billing in Toronto.

It didn’t last long, but there were plenty of good moments in those years. How do you remember McGrady, Carter and Oakley, and the turn-of-the-century Raptors in general? How high could the McGrady-Carter team have climbed, considering the injuries that plagued both stars throughout their respective careers? And will you be watching (or recording) tomorrow?

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