The Ignorance of Kevin Cowherd!

by TSM

So you want to know the mentality that a guy like Alex Anthopoulos has to put up with in MLB? Get a load of this crap from the Baltimore Sun on the city of Toronto and the Blue Jays:

“And get this: LaCava said he couldn’t take the job because he loves the Blue Jays too much.

OK, let me ask you something. In the entire history of the world, have you ever heard anyone say: “I can’t take the job because I love the Blue Jays too much?”

No, that sentence had not been uttered since the dawn of man. But that’s essentially what LaCava, a 50-year-old baseball lifer, told the Orioles.”

Has anyone politely told this Shmuck (pun intended given the Baltimore Sun columnist he works with) to go F’ himself?? I mean really.

Let’s compare if you will how the two franchises have been viewed globally over, say the last 5 – 15 years.

“He talked about the Blue Jays like they were the New York Yankees. Made Toronto sound like it was Paris. I saw his quotes in the paper Wednesday and thought: “Are we talking about the same Blue Jays here?”

To be clear, I took the family to Baltimore this past summer. i happen to like Baltimore. Having said that, Toronto, is Paris as compared to Baltimore! But forget that. Why the hell even go there??

Ok, your teams owner sucks. Ok, your town is down on your luck. Save for Under Armour and Maryland crabs that is. Why go piss on another team and town?

What an idiot.

Come on Toronto, come on Blue jays, puff up your chests and go to town!


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