Unveiling Hazel Mae


Yet another example of someone returning to the proverbial scene of the crime as Hazel Mae will be reintroduced as a member of team Sportsnet today. You may have heard McCown talking about a big announcement coming today, well, I am told that will be Hazel. I don’t know exactly what she will be doing, however I suspect it will be a similar role to that of Michael Grange and Stephen Brunt. Jack of All Trades, master of………….

Mae left the big smoke to work for NESN and then to the MLB network. She returns to Toronto with Rogers Sportsnet.

I know it’s hard to believe, but I render no opinion. I will reserve judgment until I see more.

If you only read one thing today (other than this of course) make sure you read this great article form the fine folks at Yahoo Sports hockey, Puck Daddy. I love this quote from Brian Burke:

“I played high school football. I was playing Grade 10 football. I hit a guy. We both went down and stayed down. I went to the sidelines, and the coach came over and put his arm around my shoulders and said, ‘How you feeling son?’ And I said, ‘Fine.’ He said, ‘Then why don’t you go over and stand on your side of the field?’

“I walked off the wrong side of the field. So all I said to him was, these are choices athletes make when they play contact sports. It certainly can’t be news to anyone that there’s risk associated with them, and that was the sum total of the conversation.”

The article is a real thought provoking article on concussions and depression. Good stuff.


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