Taking it on the chin


Interesting week in Toronto Sports media land. Four things caught my attention this week:

1. Bruce Arthur’s rant on Raffi Torres Halloween costume
2. Amount of CFL/Argos content in Steve Simmons weekly column
3. Roy MacGregor’s rant on 21st century sports writing
4. Doug Smith’s outfit on the televised PTS roundtable.

I don’t personally know anyone who was offended by the costume. I live in a small bubble though. Was it in bad taste? I don’t know. Maybe. Was going all ape over it just a tad too much? I think so. Where’s the horror of Agassi’s Mr. T get up?

This will sound like another anti CFL rant. It’s not. I don’t understand why the CFL/Argo’s get as much coverage in one of the best columns of the week in a Toronto based paper where the market could care less about the local team. I think interest in CFL could increase if the Argo’s left.

The Globe column on the current state of sports journalism isn’t worth the ink it’s written on. It’s a shame given the history of the guy who wrote it. Let’s hope it’s not a sign of things to come.

If your going to televise a radio show, I don’t know, call me crazy, but the guests appearing on the show may want to look the part. McCown was looking snazy in his sweater vest. Brunt had a nice outfit on. Hell Shannon looked sharp too. Is the Star not providing a clothing allowance during the NBA lockout? Sheesh. Were those PJ’s he was wearing.

I don’t have full radio ratings yet. I am told that PTS hit it out of the park in this book. Exceeding 10.8 in the older 25-54 male demo compared to a 2.2. Comparatively, Brady/Lang were a 6.7 to Richards 1.7. I will update the chart when I have all the info.

Back to Seattle tonight so I will write more from there this week.


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