The Ron Wilson Few In Toronto Know

Did you happen to catch the interview on TSN with Ron Wilson?

If you did not, your probably not alone, but you can watch it here.

If I’m Brian Burke, or I’m the Leafs PR team I am looking at that video and going, how do we get the public to see that Ron Wilson instead of the nickname calling, bombastic, sarcastic coach who the fans have seen over the last several years?

Maybe I am wrong but I haven’t seen any media outlet display the personal side of Ron Wilson like that since he took the job. He was personable, he was funny, he was engaging- dare I say he was likeable????? Yes, the Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson.

Ron, you say you don’t read papers, watch tv or listen to sports radio. If by some chance you see this, consider that this is the first time in years the Toronto public has seen the human side of you. On opening night when you got jeered and you said to one of your assistants, ” I told you”, it because we never see you the way we saw you in this short segment.

There is no doubt winning helps. Perhaps if you made a few more appearances like this and a few less “piss on this” comments then maybe, just maybe people will start to warm up to you.

Then again, maybe you just don’t care.

For those asking, yes I’ve heard the McCown clip on the Penn State situation. It was PTS at it’s best/worst.

Yes I heard Richie Rich ripping Pierre Mcguire. Is there any real surprise there? Come on now, he’s Richie Rich. The reason we all like him is that he’s entertaining. He’s a little bit Don Cherry without the outfits isn’t he?

There is nothing funny about the situation down at Penn State. Assuming this guy is guilty, it’s the worst possible tragedy. It is interesting though to look at the Toronto MSMers who wrote opinion stories or blogs on the subject this week. Of those who did, how many do you think have written about NCAA football in the last 12 months? 10%? 20%. It’s interesting to me how a sport that gets very little attention in a big market like Toronto gets the full court press when a scandal hits.

By the way, for those looking the Canadian equivalent to NCAA athletics, football and basketball, keep digging. There is no comparison. None. Jr. hockey doesn’t come anywhere close to the popularity of the NCAA in the USA. It just doesn’t. To me, the NCAA is a ticking time bomb. Scandals like this one, like the one in Miami with the boosters aren’t really all that surprising given so many factors ( the amounts of money involved being the first), but really it’s that so many scandals aren’t ever uncovered is the real mystery.

Best line on Joe Paterno is the irony that he got fired by phone when a simple phone call to the police could have saved his job and perhaps his legacy.


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