Toronto Blue Jays News From MLB Free Agency

By Dan Levine

Coming off an exciting campaign, the Toronto Blue Jays have many people wondering about their offseason plans. Now that free agency has kicked off, it’ll be interesting to see which route GM Alex Anthopoulos takes on his path to finishing the rebuild of this young, burgeoning squad.

Let’s run down some of the rumours and chatter around baseball, as it pertains to Toronto:

— The Jays added more Canadian content to the roster, acquiring reliever Trystan Magnuson from Oakland for cash in a move that largely flew under the radar. Toronto originally drafted Magnuson in 2007, before sending him and pitcher Danny Farquhar to the A’s for Rajai Davis before last season. Oddly, both players are now back in Toronto’s system. For those interested in knowing more about the Vancouver native, the National Post ran a flashback feature on Magunson and former Blue Jay Tim Collins.

— Toronto also added talent to the front office, inking Chuck LaMar as a special assistant to amateur scouting. LaMar was Tampa Bay’s first GM and most recently served as Philadelphia’s GM, player development and scouting, after a stint in Washington. While not exactly known for his prowess as a general manager, LaMar is certainly considered an excellent scout with an eye for talent. He joins a front office that is already stacked with great baseball minds, including the likes of Tony LaCava (recently offered Orioles’ GM job), Jim Beattie (GM in MTL, Baltimore), Ed Lynch (former Cubs GM) and Dana Brown (director of amateur scouting in Wash). It’s clear AA has a huge emphasis on scouting, and this is just another example. And how about the possibility that LaMar was lined up with LaCava expected to take the reigns in Baltimore? Hey, it can’t hurt to have both.

— The Jays were believed to be serious suitors in the race for versatile utility-man Jamey Carroll, who signed with the Minnesota Twins today. The extremely underrated infielder would have been a great fit at second base for Toronto, after hitting .290 for the Dodgers in 2011 and with a career on-base percentage of .356. He can also run a little and has experience playing three infield positions and the outfield. Ah well.

— Toronto is supposedly interested in former Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton. The 27-year old was one of baseball’s top relievers in 2009, before imploding in mid-2010 and dealing with plenty of injury problems. His 2011 season ended very early and Broxton underwent arthroscopic elbow surgery in September. It seems likely that he would need to take a one-year, incentive-based deal, as detailed by MLB Trade Rumors’ Ben Nicholson-Smith a few couple months back. It also seems likely that Broxton will never be his 2009-self again, but he may also come very cheap. Thoughts on this?

— The Jays are one of a multitude of teams interested in Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes. The center fielder appears to have a great swing and should be cleared to play in the United States by December. I haven’t seen anything more than the YouTube videos, but it looks like there’s a lot of potential here, should he want to play in Toronto.

— On a more general note, the Jays are said to be pursuing a top level closer, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who watched the 2011 bullpen. ESPN’s Buster Olney (insider) writes that Oakland’s Andrew Bailey could be a trade target, but that he won’t come cheap. Olney also lists free agents Heath Bell and Joe Nathan as potential targets, though it seems unlikely Toronto would give up the first round pick required to sign Bell. Jonathan Papelbon is also discussed here but he’s since signed with Philadelphia.

— Starting pitching is also on AA’s priority list, with the Jays highlighted in a Fox Sports blog by Ken Rosenthal. Says one GM of Anthopoulos, “Alex is always looking for everything. He is the only GM in the league with a 60-man roster – and I say that as a compliment. You can’t pin him down. He has interest in every one of your players.” Pretty high praise.

The pitchers listed as potential targets here are James Shields and Wade Davis (Tampa), Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill (Oakland), Jair Jurrjens (Atlanta), Gavin Floyd and John Danks (Chicago), Carlos Zambrano (Cubs), Chad Billingsley (Dodgers) and Wandy Rodriguez (Houston). Who are you liking in this group?

Hope this roundup helps you stay on top of things. And feel free to post rumors and thoughts from around the web, as we await word on AA’s first significant move. Think Prince or Pujols will talk to him? David Ortiz and plenty of others are out there too. Comment below, and happy Friday.

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November 11, 2011 5:56 pm

Nice roundup..

It’s really hard to predict what AA will do, because I feel like just about all of his moves have come completely out of the blue. I don’t think there really have been rumours about anything he’s done, prior to him doing it.

The Jays have an asset in that they have completely turned around their farm system in the last two years. Law and and Baseball Prospectus have said they might have the best farm system in baseball now (after being ranked one of the worst in the last year of JP’s regime). You can argue that many of these players won’t pan out, and that’s true. But they do have value as trade pieces.

My guess is that the Jays use some of these highly regarded prospects in a deal for a #2ish level starting pitcher, and a middle of the order type bat. (Or at least, that is my guess at what the Blue Jays are targeting). I’m not really going out on a limb here, as AA has said he wants to focus on trades. The nice thing is, the Jays have enough minor league depth now, that they could probably make a couple big prospect for MLBer type moves and not devastate their farm system too badly. (For example, the Jays could give up what Milwaukee did for Greinke last year in their sleep right now).

I think they’ll address the bullpen through free agency, but stay away high priced FAs (ie Fielder, Pujols, Wilson). I think they’ll look at Ortiz. And, even though it looks like it will take an awful lot to get him, I have a feeling they might take a serious run at Yu Darvish. Honestly, my only basis for that is that AA actually went to Japan to scout him during the season. Maybe he’s just incredibly thorough, but I find it hard to believe that a team’s GM would fly all the way to Japan to see one guy if they weren’t serious about pursuing him.

Chris Henderson
Chris Henderson
November 12, 2011 1:16 am

Pretty solid summary of what’s been going on lately. In response to your question about Broxton, I think he is the ideal type of candidate for Toronto to consider. I don’t really want to see them spend a ton of money at closer, despite how poor it was for them last year. I’d rather see them overpay for Broxton AND Joe Nathan on one year incentive laden contracts, and let them fight for the job. That way you’re protected if one of them don’t work out. I still think the Jays will take a very real run at Andrew Bailey though.

As far as the trade market is concerned, I hope the Jays are chasing John Danks out of that group, otherwise I don’t think there is a ton of “elite” level talent in that group. Lots of great pitchers, and better ones that the Jays will have for next season, but not a group that I’d trade the farm to get. I think the Jays should try very hard to pluck Danks (or maybe Floyd, but I don’t like him near as much) from Chicago, trade Lind, & Deck Macguire for Bailey, install EE at first, and sign David Ortiz to DH and bat behind Bautista. I think it’s highly unlikely this all works out, but that’s how the offseason played out on my Xbox generated season…. hehe.

Don Mandrie
Don Mandrie
November 12, 2011 11:13 am

Jim Beattie a “great baseball mind”? Simply because a guy was a major league GM doesn’t mean he has a great baseball mind. A helpful assistant, perhaps. But a great baseball mind does not trade a Cy Young award winner – Pedro Martinez – for Carl Pavano & Tony Armas. His track record as GM in Montreal and co-GM in Baltimore is mediocre at best.

Beattie is part of the Jays group because Anthopolous began his career in Montreal when Beattie was their GM. It’s an admirable quality to be loyal to people who helped you along the way.

Chef Mike in Burlington
November 12, 2011 12:28 pm

Wow!!!…Who is “Dan Levine” and how much cake did he take to write this this puff piece??Lets look at facts…

“Coming off an exciting campaign…”…since when does a .500 team that was 10 games behind by the All Star break equal exciting??

“…finishing the rebuild of this young, burgeoning squad.” Really? This “squad” lost more games than last year, scored less runs, allowed more runs and still placed 4th or 5 teams, how is this burgeoning??? This is regressing at best…

As for the rest, we are “supposedly interested”, “in the running”, “one of many”, “said to be pursuing “…yeah sure, and I am also supposedly interested in, in the running for, one of many to be and said to be pursuing Dana Delany, and my odds are likely better…

“…as we await word on AA’s first significant moves…”…gramatical errors not withstanding, does any reasonable person expect Rogers to give their chosen one any significant money to play in the Free Agent market when they have never allowed him before??

They’re already selling hope and its not even 2012…

November 12, 2011 1:52 pm

““…finishing the rebuild of this young, burgeoning squad.” Really? This “squad” lost more games than last year, scored less runs, allowed more runs and still placed 4th or 5 teams, how is this burgeoning??? This is regressing at best…”

That’s a real surface analysis of the state of the organization. ‘They lost 5 more games than the previous year, therefore they are getting worse’.

The 2011 major league squad performed worse than the 2010 team in large part because they traded their #1 starter for a minor leaguer, dumped Wells (who was actually pretty productive middle of the order bat in 2010, despite an unbelievably bad 2011), and let their closer and elite set up guy walk for draft picks.

All of those moves hurt the team in 2011, but should improve them in 2012 and beyond.

As I wrote above, the minor league system has been going through a pretty remarkable turnaround, if you trust system rankings from ESPN and Baseball Prospectus. It’s been tossed around that they’re #1 in MLB (partly a result of AA’s draft pick accumulation). Yeah, many will not pan out, but I think fans will appreciate this once some begin to be included in trades.

The Jays still have a ways to go, but I believe they’ve really righted the ship as an organization after being run in a frustratingly mediocre fashion by Ash and Riccardi.

I’m not trying to be blindly optimistic here. AA looks to have done a great job of rebuilding the foundation (and has been universally praised the the US MLB media for that), but he now has to build upon that foundation to make a 90 win team. Will he achieve that? Who knows.

Dan Levine
Dan Levine
November 12, 2011 2:19 pm

Oh Chef Mike, I’m so sorry you were offended by my words of optimism in this free article running down the latest Blue Jays talk. I’m “selling hope?” What are you smoking?

So basically, I decide to gather all of the news and rumours pertaining to the Blue Jays from the past couple weeks, and that’s how you frame it? Did you happen to notice that every “rumour” also contains a link to a connected baseball source? For the pitchers, Ken Rosenthal made that list, not me. Go yell at him if it bothers you. Buster Olney wrote the article about closers, etc. This isn’t my speculation, these are rumours that are out there.

And actually, yes, the squad is improving, especially from the grassroots level of the organization where it is stocked with prospects. Daniel did a good job responding to your dribble with regards to that. I’m really sorry that the use of the word “burgeoning” was too much for you. You’re certainly welcome to write your own analysis of the team on your own blog. When it comes to optimism, I guess the US media is selling hope as well because they are all over the Jays and AA as a rising team/GM.

Most of all, though, this post was simply an amalgamation of the rumours and news that I could find. I was hoping to use it as a starting point of conversation for the Jays’ offseason plans, and yes, a lot of people are looking at Toronto after they swung the Rasmus, Lawrie and Escobar deals in the past two seasons. Chef, where do I say the team can sign the top guys? I think I posed a question asking whether the Pujols/Prince-level FAs would speak to us.

Finally, “does any reasonable person expect Rogers to give their chosen one any significant money to play in the Free Agent market when they have never allowed him before??” Um, yes, they have. AJ Burnett and BJ Ryan were given massive contracts (BJ’s was the biggest in history for a closer before Papelbon’s yesterday). Rogers handed Ricciardi money, and he simply did a bad job of allocating it.

Chef, do you actually have any thoughts on what the Blue Jays should do this summer? I’m sure you are aware that this was the point of the piece, rather than what you chose to focus on. Feel free to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way. -DL

Andrew S
Andrew S
November 12, 2011 3:36 pm

I hope that the jays do not sign one of these tops closers. Looking at the deal that Papelbon has already signed, that is a lot of money for a guy that pitches one inning of baseball. There are still many closers out there, Nathan or Broxton that will come much cheaper and not cost the Jays the #17 draft choice. At the end of the day, we have already removed ourselves of Wellls huge contract and the B.J. Ryan failure. Do we really want to do that again?

The farm system is looking great, as stated in other comments. They won’t all make the Blue Jays but will have value in a trade. Other than Romero we do have questions marks in our rotation but again we will need to get another look at Brandon Morrow and Henderson Alvarez before we give up on these guys. I’m not sure that Dustin McGowan will ever be the starter we hoped for but I think could be a great set-up or closer.

This team will likely be similar to last year in terms of record. We have a young team that is building. I think Kelly Johnson will come back because of being a Type A free agent. The only real question spot in the field will be LF and hoping that either Snider, Thames or Encarnacion can run with the job. Lind is probably not a strong enough hitter to bang with the likes of Teixeria or Gonzalez. Other than that our positions are fairly solid or are occupied by young guys who are going to get the shot to prove themselves.

I hope AA signs some free agents bullpen arms like he did last off-season, and hope that they work out. If a trade is made, hopefully its for a quality young arm that can be #2 with Romero.

Chef Mike in Burlington
November 12, 2011 4:12 pm

Hey Dan, it’s no alias, and if you mouse over the post, my real name, my occupation, location and website are there, if I have the balls to say it, I’ll own it…

Contrary to what you and Daniel believe, I would LOVE the Jays to be relevant again, even in August, much less September, I remember when they were. I’ve said it here before, I don’t expect a World Series every other year, nor do I think a $150M payroll, just for the sake of it, is smart ownership, I just want them to compete.

You and Daniel, Stark, Rosenthal and other ESPN/MLB think they have super minor league talent, but it could be 4-5 years, (or never!) before these guys make an impact at the MLB level, and all casual fans see is 5 more losses compared to last year, and the 18th year out of the playoffs.

Is it a surface analysis? Yes it is, but when you average 48% attendance this year, down more than 500,000 a year since Rogers bought the team, what more do you really need??

As for all those rumours, maybe something can come of it, but GM’s of average teams in every sport like to get their teams names out there talking about deals, even if they have no real intent of making any. It helps to generate fan buzz and make them look engaged, but how often it leads to successful deals is a very different matter.

I’ll bet you beer and wings less that half these rumours come to fruition, and when AA has cap in hand looking for real payroll money for real MLB players, (an A level starter, an A level setup man and an A level closer), not prospects or AAAA guys, we’ll see what Rogers really things of him.

Sadly, I expect to be proven right again…

November 12, 2011 5:22 pm

My simple question is:
Who is Dan Levine and where does he come off as some great baseball journalist?
Dan your highly aggressive response to Chef Mike clearly shows that a) you are NOT a journalist in any shape or form and b) do not read this blog on a regular or even infrequent basis. If you did you would know that Chef Mike is not only a regular contributor, but his views are thoughtful and without venom. You Dan Levine (if that is your real name), well pal you hopefully only a one time contributor to this blog and go back to your day jiob which is probably unemployed and living in your parent’s basement. You wanted a fight young man so put a valid response, otherwise please go away with your totally myopic thoughts and sense of grandeur.

November 12, 2011 6:08 pm

“You and Daniel, Stark, Rosenthal and other ESPN/MLB think they have super minor league talent, but it could be 4-5 years, (or never!) before these guys make an impact at the MLB level, and all casual fans see is 5 more losses compared to last year, and the 18th year out of the playoffs.”

This is could be true..

BUT, I genuinely don’t believe there was another possible plan of attack for AA when he took the reigns after the 2009 season.

Things were pretty bleak then. Old team, overpaid, barren farm system, and Roy Halladay demanding a trade.

It was not possible to snap fingers, sign a couple of FAs and expect to turn into a playoff team overnight (not in this division).

If the Jays are going to become a team that has a string of 95 win seasons, they needed to make over the farm system first, and establish a young core with high upside. I honestly think we might be at the stage where that is pretty close to accomplished. Now comes adding pieces to make the MLB team competitive. In the eyes of many AA has accomplished the farm rebuilding in a quick and impressive manner… lets see what he can do with taking the major league club to the next level (hopefully beginning this offseason).

So – if you want to blame JP or Rogers for putting the Jays in a situation where they had to rebuild like this – then OK. But you can’t really blame AA, in light of what he had to do and what he was given. Rebuilding the system what the MLB club took a step back was necessary….and he’s done it quicker than could have been reasonably expected.

I understand your frustration with 18 years of mediocrity (and feel the same), but I really think AA has gone about this the right way.

Dan Levine
Dan Levine
November 12, 2011 6:48 pm
Reply to  Paul


Nowhere in my piece or in my response did I refer to myself as a “baseball journalist.” These are all rumours and articles are that publicly available online – I simply gathered them into one spot for readers to discuss. I also threw in a line about expectations being higher for the Jays after a pretty exciting season. Doesn’t seem to me like an article that would come across as “selling” anything to readers. Nowhere did I suggest the Jays could land any prime time free agents, and nowhere did I say the team would win more games in 2012 than in 2011.

Sure, Chef Mike could take exception to the statement and to the article, but it sure seemed like an unusual amount of spite for the writer over pretty much nothing. Do you truly believe this was a puff piece?

But, to Chef, I understand where you are coming from. Your response to my response is filled with valid facts, but I still don’t believe AA has any other real choice than to rebuild from the ground up. And most of these prospects are not 4-5 years away. In fact, Lawrie is set to play his first full season and there is real money to be spent. Maybe we disagree here, but I believe Rogers will fork over the cash if AA convinces them it’s the right opportunity. And I understand the team lost more games in 2011 than in 2010, but it had to be expected considering the Marcum/Wells moves. In fact, most people thought the Jays had a real chance to finish at the bottom of the entire AL. The Colby Rasmus deal also decimated the bullpen mid-season, but who cares? Relievers can be replaced in the winter. And this team would have a chance to compete for a division title on a regular basis if they weren’t stuck in the East (that may change soon).

Overall, though, I (and many others) have fun discussing the possibilities when it comes to roster moves. I could choose to write depressing articles about the state of the franchise and say that things will never change (I did that here, and I was wrong), but that’s a piece for another day.

I do think this franchise is on the way up, but I’m not telling you I’m right. It’s an opinion, and I respect those who hold opposing views. Paul, despite your personal attacks, you’re right that there is no reason to go there. And I feel that Chef Mike had started down that path before I responded, but I apologize for the aggressive tone.

And Chef, you’re right – most of these rumours will not come to fruition. Does that mean we can’t have fun tossing them around?

November 12, 2011 7:03 pm

Dan Levine,
By writing the above post on baseball one surmises your expertise on baseball. But you are right, you are nothing more than just another young hack who copies and pastes other people’s work, because it is easy to do.
In my 30+ years running my own communications business, I come across dozens of guys like you every year who think they are great reporters/journalists. Each with the cockiness and zeal that they can set the world on fire. In reality,
maybe 1 in 100 (probably less) actually do anything noteworthy. Your responses to readers is meaningless and trite… actually you are just digging a bigger hole for yourself.
My advise to you Dan, lose the f’n snotty attitude, STOP cutting and pasting, and most importantly show some respect to your readers — they are the ones who actually pay you.

Chef Mike in Burlington
November 12, 2011 7:24 pm

Guys, let’s all back up,…

Dan, I bit a little hard, you bit a little hard, let’s just say too much coffee…let’s all move on…

It’s just sports, no one has to die for it…

Back to Creme brûlées for 8…

Another Steve
Another Steve
November 12, 2011 7:52 pm

Two small comments, one serious and one firmly tongue-in-cheek.

First, the serious one: isn’t it ok for a sports-media blog to give a round-up of what some of the media are saying about the Jays? To me it seems like a perfectly legitimate thing to post.

Second, and this is the goofy one: re: “show some respect to your readers — they are the ones who actually pay you.” Dude, have you been you paying to read this? Wow, I’ve been reading it for free for the past two years. O crap – maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that….. please ignore, TSM, my subscription fee is in the mail…. 🙂

November 12, 2011 11:00 pm

I read the post by the author & thought: ‘Oh cool, this writer has taken the time to compile possible discussion points for the readership of TSM.’

The post was so inoffensive & innocuous that it’s kind of amazing to read the writer being taken to task with such vitriol. His name put in quotes? The blog entry being called a ‘puff piece’? Really? And then to read commenter Paul insulting the writer, trotting out the tired ‘hack’ & ‘mothers basement’ nonsense & then bizarrely insinuating that the readership was paying the author….Aaannnnnd on top of that, thumping his own chest for his purported business acumen while continuing to trash the writer all the while?

Hey, I’d call myself a die-hard, Blue Jays fan of many years…so I completely get the cynicism…but still, quite an impressive conga line of comments!

Chef Mike in Burlington
November 12, 2011 11:38 pm

This all got a bit nasty, I will own part of that , puff piece was a poor choice of words, and to Dan and Daniel my apologies.

Why I enjoy this blog is that there are smart people here, smarter then what I see at Rogers at times, but facts are facts.

The farm and minors are better, all the smart people agree on that and that will pay dividends, but at some point you need to give me a reason to come to a game or at least to watch, after all this is a business.

I speak only as a fan, the guy they need to care now, and all the building of draft picks and prospects, while useful, has to eventually work on the field.

Sadly, I have no confidence in Rogers giving AA the $$$$ to do what he knows he needs to be in the mix, there is no evidence they will based on his first 3 years, and that truly saddens me, this market and this team deserve much better from the 5th biggest market in NA.

Gerry (Burlington)
Gerry (Burlington)
November 13, 2011 8:38 am

I have no issue with the compilation Dan put together, I don’t come to this website to read about how sports teams are doing in building their teams. I come hear to read how the media are doing covering it.

What I find interesting in Dan’s piece is the fact virtually all articles put together do seem to spin a completely positive picture for where the Jays are heading. The first thing that struck me was the article mentioning the addition of Cdn Content in adding Tryston Magnuson, yet no mention of the loss of Cdn Content in releasing Adam Loewen.

It is easy to like AA, he is somewhat refreshing, appears honest in his dealings with the media etc… However, I can’t but think he is still more “Yes Man” to the Rogers empire rather than a GM with the authority to build this team into a winner utilizing development and spending.

The Rogers Empire is responsible for the JP era, just as they are responsible for the AA era. Therefore if this team is rebuilding for 3, 4 or 5 years down the road don’t expect people to be excited. If they are this is the 2nd consecutive 5 year rebuild the fans have been sold on (or attempted to be sold on, not many seem to be buying tickets).

When the John Farrell to Boston rumours first started, it seemed to me that AA didn’t respond until after all the media caught the story and seemed to tell him he needed to man up and say No you can’t have him, and if you really want him you are paying big for it. The fact AA’s response came after the fact, in my opinion was telling.

It is great that he is bright young and developing, but does one of the largest markets in North America deserve to watch someone learn on the job, when responsible for a Major League team in the Marquee division in all of baseball?

November 13, 2011 8:41 am

To the people who lack confidence in Rogers haven’t really been paying attention to what is going on in Jays Land. Rogers has increased the scouting staff to the largest in the majors, while also paying them more than any other team. Rogers also has given AA the money to spend in the draft, making the Jays one of the top spending teams in regard to that area. Rogers also gave JP the reigns to spend on free agency back in 2006 when they re-signed Halladay and tried to build around him.

You can’t spend big money on free agents when you are still trying to establish a young core of players. Has no one learned from the mess of 2006 and what happens when you lack a foundation and build around over priced free agents?

We just got out of all the bad contracts we had and to go out and make a splash in free agency will risk setting the team back a few years in it’s development. When this team is ready to contend, free agents will want to play here and we can solidify the missing pieces with those acquisitions.

Another Steve
Another Steve
November 13, 2011 4:09 pm

Gerry, didn’t AA respond to the Farrell story within 24 hours? To me, and I think to many people, his reaction was rather swift and unambiguous. In fact, I think he has been praised for this more than criticized. It was a story for 12 hours or so, but then it died. I thought he handled it really well.

Dan Levine
Dan Levine
November 13, 2011 5:44 pm

Glad to see that (mostly) everyone has settled down.

Chef, thanks, and same to you. I enjoy hearing your perspective. And really, we all want the same thing: For the Jays to compete on a regular basis. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. Looking forward to plenty more baseball talk this offseason.

November 14, 2011 12:11 pm

I don’t understand why there is so much arguing going on over this topic. We all cheer for the same team and whether you are an optimist or a pessimist we all want the same thing, a perrenially contending Blue Jays team like we had from ’85-’93. I show crazy enthusiasm at the start of every season because I beleive every year that the Jays will win it all, even though I know its not likely to happen, I still root and pray and hope that it will. Anyways, here are MY OPPINNIONS on what the jays should do. (it’s sad that I have to clarify that these are my oppinnions since you know, I am the person writing it, but people take everything the wrong way these days, if you disagree with these THATS FINE, just dont personally attack me becuase of it. Thanks)

DO NOT: Sign David Ortiz. While this may look good because he still has pop, it screams of just signing someone with star power to please the casual fan. It is not the right move. We found that out when we had Frank Thomas.

DO: Sign Kelly Johnson to a 1 year deal if he’l take it, which I think he would. We probably only need a hold over for 1 more year until Hechevarria is ready and then perhaps Escobar can move to 2nd base because we know Hech is a natural SS. It works for Johnson as he gets a year in the AL east to prove that hes a quality 2b.

The rotation will be OK. It just needs time. Romero, Morrow, Alvarez i think will be our 1,2,3. Drabek will be there he just needs time to mature. We all saw how good his stuff can be, but it all comes unravelled because he lets his emotions get the better of him. He just needs better mound prescence. That comse from experience. Even hallday had to return to the minors for seasoning, it amazes me how everyone tore this kid to shreds because he struggled in his first big league season as a 24 year old….get real people.

Adding a closer, whether it is internal or via trade( I think bailey could be had for a reasonable package) is crucial as is adding depth to the BP.

Lay off Colby Rasmus. He is 25 years old and is one of the better defending CF players out there. He has already shown what he can do with a bat and he went through a brutal season last year with Larussa and his father fighting, then being shipped to a league full of stud pitchers hed never seen before, plus a wrist injury and yet everyone still expected him to belt the ball everywhere every at bat. Sillyness folks, this kid will be a stud for us.

And remember this can be done people. Doesnt anyone remember the year Tampa ran to the world series? All the pundits at the start of that season listed the Rays as a team on the rise but a few years away from contending, (sound familiar) and then boom, there they were 4 wins away from a championship and theyve made the playoffs every year since have they not?

We are not a regressing team and yes we still have TONS to prove, but this is sports, anything can happen.

January 7, 2012 10:30 pm

AA is building the blue jays into one of the best teams in baseball. Which is why every team in baseball want they prospects. They are one of the younger teams and if not this year but next every team will be staying watch out for the jays they have the hitting and pitching and everything they need to win ever year. and to boot the blue jays have over 120 prospects. Which is getting higher and higher
with prospects.
To name a few
1. Travis D’Arnaud
2. Anthony Gose
3. Jake Marisnick
4. Drew Hutchinson
5. Daniel Norris
6. Justin Nicolino
7. Noah Syndergaard
8. Aaron Sanchez
9. Deck Maguire
10. Adeiny Hechavarria

Not to mention players like
Matt Dean, Christian Lopez, Dickie Thon, Chad Jenkins, Jacob Anderson, Dwight Smith Jr., Kevin Comer, Adonys Cardova, Jairo Labourt, Roberto Onusa, Gabriel Cenas, Wilmer Becerra, Jesus Gonzalez, Dawel Lugo, Miguel Castro, Graylor Condo, Francisco Tejada, Aderlin Gonzalez, and so on.
And a new 55 draft picks this year

August 19, 2017 1:25 pm

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