Sunday Things That Made Me Say Hmmmm


While waiting to board my flight for Seattle, the Air Canada gate agent informed us that we would be delayed due to “a minor maintenance issue.” To me, there is nothing minor about a maintenance issue on an airplane.

Hey, did you see who is back? Bob Elliott! You remember Elliott right? Not the one who wrote some truly bizarre articles for the Sun this year. Not the guy who sounded completely disinterested on PTS most of this past baseball season. No, the baseball writer who’s work I truly used to enjoy reading. He has a good article in Monday’s paper on the upcoming off season for the Toronto Blue Jays. It’s worth reading.

Speaking of the Sun, did you happen to catch this from Steve Simmons column today:

“Not saying this because I happen to appear on the station, but sports radio just doesn’t get better than The Dan Patrick Show this past week, with its coverage of the Penn State scandal and Patrick’s calm intelligence ”

I couldn’t agree more. When it comes to BIG sports news stories south of the border, or should we say on all major, non-hockey sports stories, especially those off the field/court Dan Patrick is numero uno. That, by the way isn’t a knock on anyone on local radio. For my money, Patrick is to big sports news what Ted Koppel was to news at the height of Nightline. When a big story breaks, I want to hear who DP has on and what DP has to say. No one in the local market does that, again, on non hockey stories.

A Calgary based reader asked me this the last week, how is it that a sports media critic appears as a guest host on our all sports station and yet criticizes the other network?

I may have mentioned that Doug Gilmour was one of my favorite Maple Leafs of all time. I may have mentioned that in my mind Rosie DiManno’s presence in the Toronto Star sports section is insulting to the other good writers there. When Rosie wrote an article about Gilmour that had as much to do with his hair than anything else, well that just said it all didn’t it? Not sure if you caught the story when it went live, but it said the following in reference to Gilmour’s hair:

“Gotta say, the man gave good head”

Now, about 30 minutes head was changed to follicle but come on, the damage is done. Rosie “The Bus” has no place on the sports scene. End of story.

Seriously, can you imagine if a male sports personality said about a female athlete with flowing “she gave great head”? How long before he were fired? Mistake or no mistake, they’d be done.

Who looked worse at the Leafs game Saturday night? Was it Gilmour or Belfour? The other guys looked great. Gilmour looked like hell and well, Belfour looked like Belfour.

I am no fan of the Montreal Canadiens but they do those pre-game ceremonies so much better than the Leafs do.

If my math is correct the clock is winding down on the Richard Peddie era at MLSE. Has the parade been planned for that yet? It says here that no sports team president should be front and center of their team. Those who strive to be are destined to fail. The best ones excel behind the scenes.

Here’s all I need to know on the subject. His retirement clause apparently includes a ring should any MLSE team win it all within a predetermined amount of time. Always about the show.

Speaking of MLSE, aren’t they for sale or something?

I found it very funny that the Penguins practice was full of NHL reporters on the maybe that Crosby was returning. I find it equally as humorous that numerous Toronto based reporters are now at Penn State university, after the fact, so to speak.

One Toronto MSMer said to me that he wonders if Larry Brooks is calling to call Mrs. Staal to inquire into the health of her kid. I know I am alone on this, but I don’t see the problem with the article in the Star in which a reporter called a players parent to see how the player was feeling. To quote Costanza, “Is that wrong?”

So, Richie Rich is in the market for a new Benz. Not only that, apparently he doesn’t read this website. Can’t say I’m shocked. If I had his stock portfolio listed and he wasn’t reading then I’d be shocked. I’ll say it again, I take Richie Rich over Grapes any day (these days). He’s way more entertaining and makes me laugh all the time.

Happy Monday to you all.


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