Hey Ron Lose The Nicknames


Just when I was getting to warm up to Ron Wilson, thanks to two personal pieces on the coach, he speaks to the media in the manner that for some odd reason makes my skin crawl:

“That was a pretty hard hit Millsy took there,” said Wilson, who has coached Miller internationally with Team USA.”

Is that how grandpa Wilson wants his grandkids to be talking? Millsy? What is this grade 3??

“I wouldn’t ever say that what Brian Gionta did with Reims was deliberate, but he got hit really hard,”

Reims? I know who the hell he means, I just can’t take what he says seriously when he uses nicknames. He’s a head coach of a professional sports team. A team that, I am pretty sure makes his players dress the part when they are on the road. If they do that, why not have the coach use actual names?

I’m a parent, so I kind of understand how painful it can be to be asked the same question over and over again. However, was this gem by Wilson really necessary?

“Wilson on who will start in goal Tuesday: “A goalie. He’ll be wearing two pads. A mask. Probably with a Leafs logo on it. How’s that?”

That’s a smartass answer that one respects. Is it really that hard to say, “no comment” or “none of your business”?

I’m not trying to be petty. I just wish our coach was a little more professional. I’m sure I am the only one who feels this way, but I’d take him a lot more seriously if he did.

No sooner do I give TSN Radio props for the Dan Patrick show do they preempt it for, extended coverage of the hockey hall of fame inductions. Ughhhhhh. I know, this is a hockey market, but really, all day coverage on the hall of fame? Yes they had tv rights, but still, putting the afternoon show there alone would have sufficed. If there was a breaking story I could understand. Wall to wall coverage of the hall induction, I don’t.

You know what’s missing from this Leafs season? Meaningful work from Howard Berger. The odd article from the National Post doesn’t cut it.

I don’t know call me crazy, but a sentence that begins with words like, “I only horsed around with little boys in the shower” can NEVER end well.

Damien Cox tells us it’s put up or shut up time for the Coyotes. Whatever happened to the guys who were trying to raise enough money to buy the team, $1 at a time?

Happy Tuesday.


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