Off Base On NBA Lockout?


Interesting side story on the NBA lockout from usually very reliable Yahoo! sports stateside.

“The NBA lockout in many ways still exists because of the demands of hardline owners, some of whom have enough money to fund intergalactic space exploration.”

So the league’s teams are owned by rich guys. That’s the premise upon which the story is written, Shocking I know.

The story goes on to explain how Paul Allen, the owner of the Portland Trailblazers has secured the one and only yacht slot for the London Olympics. He’s that rich; at least that’s the implication.

Here is where things go astray, at least in my little world:

“It’s a wonder how Allen could afford to get this spot for his megayacht, what with his need to extract gigantic concessions from the players’ union during the NBA lockout. If he has enough money to throw around to own a megayacht and rent the only suitable docking spot for it in London, then surely he can afford to put a little of his own money into the NBA franchise he claims needs to be saved. Why, it’s almost enough to make you believe that he has a pathological need to treat his employees like his own personal playthings. But that’s impossible, right?”

What nonsense. Is the argument here really the guy who owns the team has enough personal wealth, ergo he should shut his mouth and accept whatever deal the players association, I mean trade association throws his way? Really? That’s supposed to hold water?

Under that theory, why does Allen ever bother charging for seats to his teams games; I mean, he has enough money right??

What kind of nonsense it that logic. A guy has made a lot of money and therefore he should be willing to accept whatever terms are sent his way in terms of his labor costs? Guys like Allen didn’t amass wealth by that theory. Just because you have it does not mean you have to go suck on a tailpipe. In fact one’s financial ability to sustain losses doesn’t mean he should have to on principal.

You read the article and can sense there is a lot of hate for Allen. Disdain for the rich I guess. I don’t him personally, or otherwise. I do know that simply because he is wealthy or successful doesn’t preclude him from wanting the best labor deal possible. Paul Allen can have all the money in the world, that doesn’t mean he has to accept a lousy deal as a league owner. To suggest otherwise is simply wrong.

I see via Eric Smith that the NBA players have now missed their first paycheck. Now the real gamesmanship can finally begin. The NBA players are now going to start experiencing pain. Every week that goes by without them getting paid tilts the scales in the owners favor. Up until now it’s all been useless chatter Building are now empty as are players wallets. That’s never a good sign.


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