Did Gretzky Pull A Bill Clinton? Saturday TSM roundup


Happy Saturday.

So, Sportsnet got the world in a tizzy, or at least Toronto by reporting that Wayne Gretzky was contacted by multiple groups about joining bids to buy Teachers shares in MLSE.

Last night, Gretzky talked to Fox Sports radio and put a ton of cold water on the Sportsnet story, basically saying he hasn’t talked to anyone. So either it’s his lawyers who’ve been contacted Or, 99’s following Bill Clinton’s lead with the old “I didn’t have sex with that woman” If Sportsnet’s story on 99 was a blockbuster, what is it now that he’s basically denied it? Let’s call it an Albom.

Take a listen:

By the way. Today’s must read is also from Rick Westhead who provides some color on the man behind the group who has apparently looked at teachers shares. For the nimrod who asked why bother reading Westhead when his last two years were spent abroad, don’t bother commenting here. Thanks! 🙂

Richard Griffin has a good piece on what lies ahead for the Blue Jays this off-season. BTW since when did so many people come to hate the Jays. I don’t quite understand why there is so much negativity out there for the team. I especially love those who hate the team because they own Rogers. Yes, Rogers is the evil empire. Yes the screw everyone who pays for cable, highspeed internet, mobile phone or home phone. I don’t understand why all of the sudden there is this hate for the Jays though. MLSE owns TFC. I am not a soccer fan. I don’t hate the TFC. I don’t watch them. I’ve been to a couple of games and enjoyed myself. I am not a die hard. I certainly don’t hate them. No matter who owned them I wouldn’t root against them.

Back to old 99. Unless he is going to suit up, I don’t care what he does. Honest, owner, coach, GM….Yawn. Maybe that’s anti-Canadian, maybe it’s anti-hockey. I don’t find his life after hockey all that interesting, relevant or important. Gretzky as an owner has no bearing on my interest, nor do I think on the success or potential success of a franchise. 99 lives south of the border. Like many famous Canucks, he doesn’t live in Canada anymore. I have no problem with that. I’ve lived in the States. My kids were born in the States. I don’t see how 99 fronting an ownership group (and make no mistake that is all it ever would be) ads any value.

So Raptors TV guy Matt Devlin has been on LeafsTv lately doing Leafs game. Nice switch. I am biased, but I like it, I like it a lot.

Lastly, the question has to be asked;just who designed the latest edition of the Toronto Sun website. It’s glossy all right with no functionality and it pales in comparison to the digital paper. Hard to believe, but in terms of presenting the news, it’s actually a step back from the last edition. It’s really not that complicated. Take whatever content that’s going to be in the print edition and present it in an easy layout. Keep it updated throughout the day and your done. I wouldn’t want to be the one who paid for it, it’s a lousy product. Google’s search bar is as ugly as it gets, but it works. The Sun has followed so many who have spent a fortune on the look and so little on functionality. The end result shows it.

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