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Thanks to Mike S for passing this along:

“Simmons claims that Burke (who recently joined Twitter) and Wilson have blocked him…………..but they both deny doing that…………’s possible they are right since Simmons often doesn’t seem to understand exactly how Twitter works…………….here is what Burke and Wilson wrote:

Burke: “To set the record straight, I have not blocked anybody #getyourfactsstraight”

Wilson: “Amazing, I have not blocked Simmons, but I certainly don’t follow him, nor do I care if he follows me. #arrogance”

So, what do you think about Wilson and Burke being on Twitter?

I’d love to know what the Leafs PR team thinks.

I’ll tell you this, neither guy would let anyone other than them post on the account, so I assume it’s fully genuine. As for blocking, I would be surprised if either guy blocked Simmons, in fact I would think that part of the reason they are actually on twitter is to comment on article and tweets made by those like Simmons.

So, some of you have been asking about changes at TSN radio. I am told there were some today, but only on the sales side.

I’ve said it a million times, TSN radio aint going anywhere soon. The numbers will come up, all in due time.

I was asked the other day about Maple Leafs radio rights and why they matter.

Here’s the answer:

To a station like the Fan they don’t matter all that much.

To TSN they are a game changer. Remember, until recently there has been no reason for people to have 1050 on their presets. If the Leafs go to TSN, people will add it. Odds are good that if you listen to the game on the way home, you will listen to that channel when you get in the car in the AM too. So the Leafs matter to TSN a lot.

That’s why they matter to the Fan too. Call it a defensive move if you like. They will offer the farm for the radio rights (denials and all).

None of this matters if Teachers ever sell their shares.

Happy turkey day to those who observe.

To the rest, good luck in your Thursday NFL games.


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