Not The Least Bit Interested


In case you missed it, there’s talk tonight of another NHL team in Toronto tonight. There’s a story on the cover of the Toronto Sun. There was banter on the Fan. All the papers are chiming in. I am telling you now, I have zero interest in discussing it or giving it any merit whatsoever. If some loons want to build a 300 million arena in Marham without a tenant, I wish them well.

Truth be told, this is nothing more right now than useless banter.

It’s hard to believe how it easy it is to get coverage in this town!

No, I am not linking to the stories. When there is a shovel in the ground I promise I will cover it.

Has anyone else been watching Off The Record on TSN lately? Not sure what’s new, but man is it not the most improved show in sports?

Do you remember those old Jim Kelley (may he rest in peace) ads for the Mariott hotel? Richie Rich’s new Mercedes ads are actually worse. Hard to believe.

Driving to Detroit tomorrow for USA turkey day!


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