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Greetings once again from Seattle.

So, here’s what caught my attention today:

Obviously the Rick Westhead story on MLSE was numero uno. 2 things stand out. 1. Pierre Boivin as a potential successor to Richard Peddie as MLSE CEO. 2. MLSE considering going head to head vs. TSN/Sportsnet in a regional sports network.

Curious which puck heads would find more offensive, an American running MLSE or a former Hab? Boivin is a very well known guy in the sports business world. He has the track record, just not sure if he has the big name I think they are going to be looking for. Personally, I think if they are going outside the house (and I think they will) they are going to need someone with multisport experience.

With the sports network story, it sure as hell makes sense. They own real estate, they own restaurants and the stations they know are crap, what else is there to do now? They have to grow the brand somehow off the court/ice and content is the one place where they have yet to succeed.

These are two things to watch for sure.

On that same note, did you catch this from Steve Simmons:

“But as owners of TSN and Sportsnet, the two largest all-sports networks in the country, they attempted to protect their own interests first in trying to come together for a bid.

In the end it didn’t happen and the Leafs and Raptors go back to being owned by a pension plan that understands how to make money, not how to win championships.

That won’t make fans any happier. Only winning will do that.”

Wow, now that is interesting, can you imagine a Bell/Rogers team owning MLSE? That would have been very interesting. Talk about deep pockets.

The best part of Simmons weekly column:

“Memo to NHL schedule maker: The Maple Leafs must play on Saturday night. Every Saturday night, all season long. Please don’t screw this up in the future ”


I just love people who responded to my similar rant on Twitter by saying things like spoken like a true maple leaf fan, or only a maple leaf fan could say that when Crosby is on. Get lives people. I am 39 years old. A good chunk of my Saturday nights have been spent watching the buds on Saturday night. Little TSM’s first night at home ever was on a Saturday night and we (him all of 4 days old) watched the Leafs vs the Habs on the CBC in Detroit from Windsor. Saying that the Leafs should be on every Saturday is nothing more than reflecting on my childhood and how much it bothered me then and now when the Leafs aren’t on Saturday nights. Somethings just go to together and when they don’t happen it doesn’t seem to be right.

David Shoalts has a decent reactionary piece on the whole MLSE thing here too btw.

I liked this article on the potential end of the NBA lockout. I know this will never happen, but I would really like to see the fans tell the players and the owners to stick it by not going to the first regular season in every home arena. I know, it won’t happen. I know, I know, I know. It would be nice though.

Speaking of the lockout, remember these words from this headline “Owners triumph in tentative deal to NBA end lockout ”

Do you remember the reaction when the NHL lockout ended? I don’t recall a single scribe who said the players didn’t get their clocks cleaned. How did that turn out for the league? Remember what I’ve told you all, these deals are about 2 things and 2 things only, franchise values and more importantly, providing the owners with protection from the real enemy; themselves!

More tomorrow!


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