Late Tuesday Rumblings

by TSM

Just got back from Seattle.

Couple of interesting tidbits this eve.

Talk is everywhere that Bobby Ryan could be on the block. Here in TO, the hockey rumor capital the drums are a beating. Personally, I want to read the MSM column that says, the Leafs should go after him and offer x,y and z or conversely, they shouldn’t because the price of x,y and is either too high or he’s not worth it. Articles that say Burke will call or kick the tires don’t do it for me. Issue an opinion, take a stand, you criticize GM’s and coaches all the time for moves they make or don’t, but yourself out there too! First one who writes the story wins a prize.

Nice piece in the Star by Richard Griffin about the Jays off-season rumblings. Would love to see some real off season sizzle.

Cathal Kelly has a piece on the sad state of recent affairs in College athletics south of the border. It’s brutal don’t get me wrong. Having said that, are we really at the point of calling it an epidemic?

I hope not.

Have a great day!


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