Friday sports lineups

This one is on the fly from the iPhone:

On TSN Radio:

400 – 445: Mick Foley (WWE)
445 – Brendan Halloran (Comedian)
500 – Fab 5
515 – Bob McKenzie (NHL on TSN)
530 – Tyler Bozak (Forward, Toronto Maple Leafs)
545 – Jesse Palmer (ESPN/TSN NFL Analyst)
600 – Leafs at 6
615 – Gareth Wheeler and Noel Butler on the Euro 2012 Draw
630 – Around the NHL

On off the record:
Eric Dickerson, NFL Hall of Famer
Mick Foley, Wrestling Legend

Tonight on Sportsline…

Are the Philadelphia Eagles the biggest flop in sports history, Donovan McNabb in Toronto, are the Blue Jays on the verge of pulling off a major trade at the MLB Winter Meetings and is there any interest in the AHL’s Outdoor Game between the Marlies & Bulldogs?

Join Mark Hebscher & Clint ‘Bubba’ O’Neil tonight at 7, on CHCH.

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December 3, 2011 9:40 am

Not sure if there is a funnier segment on sports radio than when they play that Greek music and introduce Nick Kypreos on PTS. Always gets a rise out of McCown and Kyper those 2 have good chemistry.

No matter how hard or how many times i try to give the FAN’s morning show a try i just can’t tolerate the non stop early morning babble of Brady. The show is unlistenable and the sooner Brady goes back to Detroit or where ever the hell it is this motor mouth came from i’ll be sincerely delighted.

Forbes Magazine: 18 of 30 NHL teams are losing money – is there a worse commish in pro sports history than Gary Bettman?

Mike S
Mike S
December 3, 2011 3:36 pm

I love it when McCown pokes fun at Brunt about bolting from PTS a decade ago to go to TEAM 1050…………..he did it again on this week’s roundtable………….usually Brunt’s response is something like “well, it did pay for my cottage” but he didn’t say that this time

Ami Angelwings
December 3, 2011 9:13 pm

I have a question. Is Bob just joking about not having a contract and being likely to leave? Cuz that’s how I’ve been reading it, because a) if he really didn’t I think he wouldn’t be talking about it so much and b) I thought it was reported here that he does have a new contract (or that it was fait accompli). I just wonder because he keeps bringing it up, and I’m curious what’s actually true. xD

Also, did Shannon srsly fall out of his chair? xD

December 4, 2011 11:37 am

I have no idea why Shannon is on tv or radio offering sports commentary. He was absolutely brutal again last night on Hockeycentral. I mean who is this guy? He was a freaking tv director who Robbers turned into a pro sports analyst? Too funny.

The possible NHL realignment they were talking about on the hot stove had Detroit staying in the West. The best rivalry in hockey used to be Toronto vs Detroit until the NHL moved Detroit into the west and killed it for Leafs Wings fans. Detroit should be moved back into the East and all the money losing crappy teams out west that Bettman brought into the league should be folded.

Ami Angelwings
December 5, 2011 8:03 am

Wait… do you mean when the NHL moved Toronto to the East? Because when Toronto/Detroit was a rivalry, Toronto was in the West.

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