Espn: more blue jays stealing signs signs

Remember the man in white? The guy tipping of blue jays batters? Well espn has decided to throw another shrimp on the Barbie:

“But the numbers behind the charges aren’t so easily dismissed. In August, we found that the Blue Jays enjoyed a huge power boost from hitting at Rogers Centre in 2010, when they cracked an MLB-leading 257 home runs. Now that this season is in the books, we can make an even stronger case that something strange happened in Toronto.”

“Sometimes, however, home-team hitters gain a much bigger edge than their visitors. The most extreme cases since 1950: the 1951 and ’54 New York Giants, the 1956 Reds, the 2005 Rangers … and the 2010 Blue Jays. A season ago, in fact, Rogers didn’t just boost the Jays hitters’ HR/contact rate by 18.9 percentage points. Rogers also depressed the visiting hitters’ rate by 2.3 points. That gap of 21.2 points, the third-largest gap found in any park since 1950, is enough to give a Jays hitter about 10 extra homers in a 550-AB season. The result is so extreme (4.4 standard deviations beyond the historical average, for you statisticians out there) that there was about a 1 in 148,000 chance of it happening randomly.

It’s funny, though: In 2011, the Jays’ power edge at Rogers persisted at a lower level through the first half of the season, then all but disappeared — around the time that other teams started making news for changing up their signs in Toronto even with no men on base. By the end of the season, there was nearly zero difference between how Rogers affected home and visiting hitters.”

Ok baseball fans, say it ain’t so! I know you can and will

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