MLB Issues Media Dress Code Guidelines

by TSM

This is too funny. MLB is the first sports league to impose a dress code upon those members of the media who work games. No joke. This is legit. The edict came at the winter meetings in Dallas.

Here is what press members can’t wear:

Muscle shirts, ripped jeans, flip-flops, visible undergarments, excessively short skirts or anything with a team logo.

“The media should dress “in an appropriate and professional manner” with clothing proper for a “business casual work environment” when in locker rooms, dugouts, press boxes and on the field”

It will be VERY interesting to see if other leagues follow. I’ve shown you various images of certain media members in Toronto that really made me laugh in the past. Can you imagine if this gets imposed across all leagues? Too funny.

I will say this, as you may recall I was in Boston last summer at the same time as the Blue Jays. We were told which hotel they were staying in and took the kids there after the game (stalkers!) to try to meet some of the Jays. “How will we know who they are? ” little TSM asked me as we waited. “First of all,” I told him, “they are professional athletes so they are going to look pretty built up, secondly, they are going to be very nicely dressed”. Wow was I wrong on both occasions. Thankfully there were other stalkers in the hotel as we wouldn’t have noticed them at all. They weren’t very big at all and secondly I couldn’t believe how casually they were dressed. They totally blended in with everyone else in the hotel lobby. I always like seeing players entering arenas on HNIC in business attire before the big game. If players are made to dress the part shouldn’t the media? At least where a Dick Beddows hat!


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