Why Are Fehr & Bettman Wasting Time?

Ratings Shmatings, as Cliff Fletcher once said, TSN Radio’s drive home radio show is simply good radio. I am not sure if it’s fair to use the word improved, but considering how the show started and where it is today, if I were giving an award for most improved show in Toronto Sports radio, Cybulski gets it. He, quite simply, nails interviews. His latest with Donald Fehr is another great example. The TSN radio website sucks, but the quality of that one show in particular keeps going up.

The thing I don’t get from the Fehr interview was when Fehr said that he likely won’t start talking to NHL Commissioner Bettman until after the NHL All-Star game at the end of January. I know, Bettman and Fehr have been around the block a few times. They each know what they are doing. I do however us talking next fall when games get cancelled how only if there was more time. Guys, enough with the semantics, get in a room and hammer it out.

Not sure why I equate the Globe and Mail to the Wall Street Journal, but the best damn sports section sports fans aren’t reading is, without question the Wall Street Journal. Dear Globe and Mail, take a look at a the product a business first paper is putting out there. The WSJ is kicking ass and yes they cover hockey too.

Line of the day is from Bob Elliott, on the Florida Marlins:

“They’re filling their plate like an offensive lineman visiting Miami’s Joe’s Stone Crabs on an all-you-can-eat night.”

Gold Jerry, Gold.

On the topic of the Marlins, is anyone surprised that the tax payers got screwed by a sports team and a city?? Is that you Nassau County laughing in the corner? Hello Seattle, Hello Glendale. The SEC is investigating??? Hahahahahhahah. When I lived in Miami the mayor got elected by having dead people vote for him. Some things never change. So the owners got a new stadium that may be full for a song and are now spending like mad men. Funny that the same folk who are hoping Rogers open up the purse strings are going after the Marlins. Remind me again what did Rogers pay for the dome? 🙂 I know, it’s not the same thing.

You saw my piece on the MLB dress code right? Well an MSMer tells me that a while back the Toronto Raptors had to ask those covering the purple dinos to not floss their teeth on or near press row! If that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does!

Yours truly responded to an OTR request for thoughts on Dan Rather. My response is above!

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