New York Islanders, Boston University Prospect Gets The Boot!


So much for innocent until proven guilty. Toronto’s own Corey Trivino, a draft pick of the New York Islanders has been allegedly kicked off the Boston University hockey team after being arrested:

“Trivino, a 2008 draft pick of the New York Islanders, is the leading goal scorer in Hockey East, with 13 in 15 games. On Tuesday, BU coach Jack Parker said the 21-year-old Trivino was “no longer associated” with the ninth-ranked team.

Prosecutors said late Sunday at a BU dorm, the woman asked Trivino and a group he was with to be quiet during mandatory quiet hours. They said Trivino then forced his way into her room, tried to kiss her and repeatedly groped her. Prosecutors said the woman resisted and demanded Trivino leave, but Trivino didn’t go until she phoned for help, when he ran out of the room.

Prosecutors said campus police found Trivino in an elevator shortly afterward, and he was visibly drunk.

Trivino’s attorney, William Sullivan, said there were “some inaccuracies” in the prosecution’s account of the incident, but he didn’t want to get into specifics.”

Sounds to me that the University knows more than is being said if it moved that quickly to disassociate him from the team wouldn’t you say?


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Here is more on the story:

“Corey Trivino – the Boston University Hockey team’s star forward who was dismissed from the team Monday after criminal charges stemming from an arrest Sunday night – has a history of alcohol-related problems, according to BU hockey coach Jack Parker.

In a phone interview with the Daily Free Press on Monday, Parker said this is the fourth alcohol-related incident the 21-year-old Trivino has been punished by the team for in his three-plus years at BU.

These incidents are due to what Parker believes is a serious drinking problem.

“There is no question in my mind it’s an alcohol problem,” Parker said. “I did [ask him to get treatment], but he didn’t think it was for him.”

WOW- 4 incidents already…..


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December 14, 2011 1:14 am

Trivino was let go after admitting that he was intoxicated at the time of the incident. He had previously had three alcohol-related incidents, and, after declining Jack Parker’s suggestion that he seek treatment, was told any additional offense would see him removed from the team.

““I[, coach Jack Parker,] asked him [Monday], ‘What do you think I’m going to do to you, Corey?’ He said, ‘You’re going to kick me off the team.’ I said, ‘Why do you think that?’ He said, ‘Because you told me in September that you were going to kick me off the team if I had another alcohol-related incident.’ And I said, ‘That’s correct, and here we are.’””

December 14, 2011 1:34 pm

More from Parker, as reported by the Boston Globe and Boston Herald is linked in from my blog ( Among other things — they have revoked his scholarship.

December 14, 2011 2:05 pm

I feel bad for the kid, and I hope he solves his issues with alcohol.

But I don’t see how this is Toronto sports media related other than the kid is originally from Toronto.

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