Ken Dryden Hit’s Concussion Home Run


Ok class, go to your local coffee store, order the largest caffeinated drink your money can buy, sit back and read the article written by Ken Dryden on the state of the NHL and concussions. For those who used to listen to the Fan morning show with Stellick and Landry you recall those god awful, funny maybe the first 300 times Dryden bits they used to do, well it’s hard to not hear Dryden typing away on his keyboard reading this gem 1 powerful word at a time.

The guy is just plain smart. The stuff in this article is terrific, it provides great insight and offers up the right opinion.

Now, breath deep, drink the coffee and try to make it through it.

MY favorite part?

“At the front table was this expressive, bug-eyed bundle of nerve endings. He spoke in bursts of words and emotions. Quick-witted, quick-tongued, aggressive, smart, well prepared — there was never any doubt who commanded that room.”

you can read Ken Dryden’s version of War and Peace concussion style right here

Happy Friday.


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