Is Brian Burke To Soft On Toronto Maple Leafs Coach?


Quick hit before the big game.

Anyone else catch this quote from Damien Cox in his blog post today?:

“The dismissal of Martin, meanwhile, demonstrates the different standards of Montreal compared to Toronto, a team that has missed the playoffs for three straight seasons under Fibbin’ Ron Wilson and is going to be in a dogfight to make it this year, yet GM Brian Burke pronounced Wilson his team’s No. 1 star this week.”

So, spare us the usual oh it’s only Damien, or I hate Damien, comments and let’s talk about the issue he presents. Are the Maple Leafs as an organization to complacent? I mean that’s the inference right? The Habs fired Jacques because they are unwilling to accept poor performance and the Leafs who have missed the playoffs for all three years of his tenure are “content”.



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