Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups

Toronto Sports Media Morning Drive Lineups


Here’s your drive lineup for your listening enjoyment this am:

On 590 with Greg Brady and Jim Lang:

NHL insider Brad May at 7:20
NBA insider Sam Mitchell at 8:40.

On TSN radio with Mike Richards
6:30 NBA Writer for Yahoo Kelly Dwyer

7:15 Jonas Siegel

7:30 Pierre McGuire

7:45 Aaron Ward

8:00 Darren Dreger

8:15 Jacques Demers

8:30 Chris Mortensen



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    itchy butt 9 years ago

    Okay, who can I c**ck punch for creating the term “insider”? So a guy that once played/coached in a league is an “insider”? If he has no current involvement with a team, how “inside” does he get? Are reporters “deep insiders”?

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    I’m okay with insider as long as reporters are called outsiders… and Doug Smith powerbombs somebody while Bruce Arthur does the Razor’s Edge xD

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    dennes7 9 years ago

    @itchy butt, agreed, and too have the former coach of your team, essentially criticize your team this year… uggg

    Also, I’ve conducted a mini-experiment over the last two weeks that Brady has been on….

    The parameter’s were this: Can Greg Brady go 1 show within a 2 week period without referencing Detroit, a Detroit team, or his time in Detroit.

    The answer: No, no he can’t (although he was away Friday and Monday)

    He almost got through it today, but pulled it out at the last second when he referenced the ’94 Piston’s with today’s Basketball “Insider” (the last interview of the morning)

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    mike (in boston) 9 years ago

    that’s pretty funny Dennes7. I don’t listen to the morning shows so it doesn’t bother me, but i can see how annoying that would become.

    Fun fact about Detroit: abandoned residential land in the city is being repurposed as farm land. That’s pretty cool (although i hope they do soil samples before growing anything humans will eat).

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    dennes7 9 years ago

    Thanks Mike (IN BOSTON), another fun fact about Detroit, Inner city Detroit is considered a food desert, it has the lowest percentage of Grocery stores and large supermarket access for a low income population (in the U.S), basically depriving them off access to fresh fruits and veggies, so this farm land idea might just be a good one!

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    Trucking through Detroit,do not stop at any red lights regardless time of day.What an ugly city…

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    I had a buddy who went to the Universiry of Windsor, so we went down for a weekend from K-W and went o Detroit for cheap gas and smokes.

    We somewhow got off on the wrong road on the way back and got into a really nasty party of town. At a stoplight, out of nowhere comes this big black cop (like 6-8,300 lb big) who walks right into the middle of the road, stops us and yells for us to “turn the fuck around and get your tight white asses back on 75 right now!!!”

    We did a u-turn, and found I-75 a few miles later, he never went to Detroit again during the next 5 years he lived there…very scary place…

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    Pudge72 9 years ago

    Living in London, ON, my wife and I go down to Detroit at least a couple of times / year for concerts (ok, Auburn Hills for concerts), a Wings game and/or a Tigers game (as well, my first NFL game was to see my beloved Bears last year at Ford Field…very awesome).

    We were actually told by a couple of Detroit’s finest (who we struck up a conversation with at a restaurant after the football game) that at night, cops will routinely ignore cars running red lights (if it otherwise safe to do so) as one of the preferred methods of carjacking is to simply walk up to out of state cars while they are sitting at a red light.

    Besides being a little scary (for safety, we park at the same parking garage next to Hockeytown Cafe each time we’re down there, since it is right across the street from Ford Field and Comerica, and there are free shuttles to/from the JLA for Wings games) it is also quite sad. When you look at the high-rise buildings in the downtown core and near Comerica, you can tell by the architecture how great and vibrant the city must have been at one time. Here’s hoping Detroit can turn itself around…